The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl


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On going to the Barbarian outpost you will be told to enter you must completed the "The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl" before you may enter, the Barcrawl consists of visiting 10 bars, buying a drink and drinking it, once you have completed all 10 bars you may return to the guard and enter the outpost.

To do it, you will need some money to buy the beers, and to take the ship to Karamja if you do not use an Amulet of Glory. Also, teleport runes are a good idea, as you will do the bar crawl faster with them.

We will guide you through all bars you will have to visit, and info on the beers you will have to buy.

To start it, you will have to talk to the Barbarian Guard, which is standing outside the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course [map]. Once all pubs have been visited return to the guard and you will now be able to enter the Barbarian Outpost. It is now a good idea to use a super stat restore potion.

List of bars
Click the bar names in the image to scroll down to the chosen bar

The bars

Location of BlueMoon inn BlueMoon Inn
In Varrock, east of the sword shop
Price: 50gp
Effect: -8 attack, -7 strength, -7 defense, -6 smithing

Map of Blurberry's bar Blurberry's Bar
In the Grand Tree (Gnome Stronghold), go up to the first floor and to the east
Price: 10gp
Effect: -20 life points

Map of Dead Man's Chest Dead Man's Chest
This is in the southern end of Brimhaven.
Price: 15gp
Effect: -8 attack, -7 defense, -6 prayer, -6 herblore, -7 cooking

Map of Dragon Inn Dragon Inn
Southwest Yanille.
Price: 12gp
Effect: -11 Attack, -10 defence

Map of Flying Horse Inn Flying Horse Inn
Westhern part of East Ardougne.
Price: 9gp
Effect: -100 life points

Map of Foresters Arms Foresters Arms
In Seer's Village, west of the bank.
Price: 18gp
Effect: -8 attack, -6 defence, -5 fletching, -5 woodcutting, -5 firemaking

Map of Jolly Boar Inn Jolly Boar Inn
North-east of Varrock, near the wilderness.
Price: 10gp
Effect: -8 Attack, -7 defence, -6 magic, -6 crafting, -6 mining

Map of Karamja Spirits Bar Karamja Spirits Bar
On Karamja, east of the general store.
Price: 7gp
Effect: None

Map of Rising Sun Inn Rising Sun Inn
Falador, north of the White Knights Castle.
Price: 70gp
Effect: -8 attack, -6 defense, -6 ranging, -6 fishing

Map of Rusty Anchor Inn Rusty Anchor Inn
Nothern part of Port Sarim.
Price: 8gp
Effect: None

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