Sheep Shearer

Where To Start:

Talk to Fred the Farmer in the house just north-west of the sheep in Lumbridge.

Needed Items:

Shears (found on the table in Fred's home)

Getting Started

1. Talk to Fred the Farmer and say that you are in search of a quest. He will say that his sheeps needs to be sheared and that you need to get 20 Balls of wool for him. He also talks about "The Thing", they call it that because no one knows what it is. Don't worry about it, it won't bother you. Also for those who do not know how to shear a sheep or spin wool, Fred is more than happy to tell you.

2. Make sure you have your Shears before you go to shear the sheep. If you don't have a pair of Shears head near the fields of grain just Northwest of Fred, there will be a building there which has a pair. You can only shear the sheep with thick wool on them and some of them tend to get away when you try to shear them, so be patient. Also you cannot shear the Rams, if you click them they will attack.

3. Once you have your 20 sets of Wool head upstairs to the first floor in Lumbridge Castle and find the spinning wheel. Click on the wheel then right click the Ball of wool option, selecting all. Wait for a little bit while the wool gets spun.

4.Go back to Fred the Farmer with 20 Balls of wool and you will recieve your reward. Mini-Quest Complete!

P.S. Speak to Fred for additional gp if you have already finished the quest.

Note: This was initially a quest, but Jagex downgraded it to Mini-Quest status in Summer of 2010

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