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The Abyss is easily the best way to runecraft massive amounts of runes. People can gain massive amounts of wealth and Runecrafting experience through the abyss. Though of course, it is extremely dangerous. Access to the abyss is in the wilderness (always dangerous) and there are dangerous monsters within the abyss. Also you need to complete a mini-quest before you can use the abyss.

Mini-quest start point

The Mini-Quest

The mini-quest starts in the wilderness, North of Edgeville. To start it, talk to the Mage of Zamorak.

Mage of Zamorak

You'll get a quick conversation with him, and he'll tell you to meet him at the Varrock temple.

Varrock temple map

Talk to him again, he will give you a scrying orb and tell you to go three people that teleport you to rune essence and go into the rune essence area. There are five people who will do this:

Wizard Frumscone in the Mage Guild.
Mage guild

Sedridor in the Wizard Tower South of Draynor.
Wizard tower

Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne.
Wizard Cromperty

Aubury in Varrock. (Mage Shop)
Aubury, Varrock rune shop

Once you have teleported to three different rune essence spots, go back to the Mage of Zamorak (in the wilderness) and talk to him twice. You will get some mage experience, a book on the abyss, and a small pouch.

The small pouch is for storing essence, it will prove to you very useful. If you ever lose the pouch, talk to the Mage of Zamorak for a new one.

Now you have the option to go into the abyss.

The Abyss (outer area)

Now once you teleport into the abyss, you will be inside the outer area of the abyss. The outer ring consists of the following: Abyssal Monsters and Obstacles.

The Abyssal Monsters

Abyssal Leech (Level 41 Combat) 100 life points:
Abyssal leech

Abyssal Guardian (Level 59 Combat) 500 life points:
Abyssal guardian

Abyssal Walker (Level 81 Combat) 960 life points:

The monsters usually are very innacurate, but if they hit you it can be relatively high. (80-110)

The Obstacles

The obstacles are obstacles you have to pass to get into the inner area of the abyss.
Boil (Tinderbox needed):
Somewhat common
Tendrils (Hatchet needed)
Eyes (Thieving required, suggested level: 50+)
Very common
Passage (Nothing required)
Rock (Pickaxe required, suggested level: 60+)
Very common
Gap (Agility required, suggested level: 55+)
Very common

As you can see, the obstacles are very skill oriented. High skills in the following would be helpful:
• Mining (60+)
• Agility (55+)
• Woodcutting (60+)
• Thieving (50+)
Those would be the primary skills to level up, but you only need 1 of them. It's best to have as many options as possible though.

The Inner Area

After you complete one obstacle, you are entered into the inner area. The inner area is where all the runes are, and where you find the dark mage.

Map of the inner area of the abyss

• Green = Nature
• Yellow = Cosmic
• Dark Red = Blood
• Red = Fire
• Brown = Earth
• Purple = Body
• Orange = Mind
• White = Air
• Cyan = Soul
• Blue = Water
• Gray = Death
• Red Pink = Law
• Pink = Chaos
• Teal Ring = Dark Mage

All you have to do is enter the runecrafting portal you want, and you'll be at the spot to runecraft that rune.

Dark Mage

The dark mage is in the middle of the inner area. He repairs pouches for you and will give you the abyssal book back if you lost it.

The Dark Mage

If you want to repair your pouches, here are the options to do so. A pouch that needs to be repaired is black, and it wont hold as much essence.
How to repair pouches

If you want to know more about pouches, read on.


Pouches are one of the best things about the abyss. Pouches are sacks that can hold pure and normal essence. They give you the ability to make more runes per run.


Small Pouch: Holds 3 Essence (No requirement)
Medium Pouch: Holds 6 Essence (Level 25 required)
Large Pouch: Holds 9 Essence (Level 50 required)
Huge Pouch: Holds 12 Essence (Level 75 required)

NOTE: You can only have one of each kind of pouch at a time.

• Fill: If you have essence in your inventory, it'll fill up the pouch with essence.
• Empty: If you have essence in your pouch, it'll empty it and put the essence in your inventory.
• Check: You check how much essence is in the pouch, if any.
The other options are obvious.

Getting Pouches

If you lose your pouches or have to get an upgrade in pouches, you must go to the abyss outer ring.
NOTE: You can get the small pouch by talking to the Mage of Zamorak if you lost it.

When going to get pouches, the best thing to bring is a lot of food, a weapon, some way to teleport out, and a ring of wealth. The ring of wealth is very important, because it increases your rate of getting pouches, which can take some time.

The best spot to go to is the western part of the outer ring, and kill all the abyssal leeches in the area. There is a huge amount of them, and they have low life points and defence. (It doesn't matter which abyssal creature you kill, they all have the same rate of dropping pouches, which is why you want to kill the weakest one.)

NOTE: You can get a pouch drop at the abyss even if you don't have the required runecrafting level.

Equipment and Inventory

There's certain equipment and a certain inventory you should have. This will maximize efficiency and safety from pkers.


Green: Can be replaced with a pickaxe. Also it does not have to be rune, you can have bronze even.

Cyan: You can have different sets of d hide. Green, Red, Blue, Black, they all work. I suggest using the best you have.

Yellow: Use elemental shield only. If you can't use it, you don't need to have a shield spot.


This is the best inventory, I highly suggest it. You need to have an ectophial, or something similar to teleport you. Ectophial is your best option.

Also, if you can't use a certain pouch, don't bring it. Use essence instead of the pouch you can't use.

Routes and Pkers

In this section I will talk about the best routes to take, and how to handle pkers.



Cyan: The best and quickest route. Also the dangerous one as it goes through where pkers are.

Green: Extremely safe route, but it takes awhile.


The only real issue with abyss crafting is pkers. You are extremely vulnerable while abyss crafting. Your prayer is drained, and your automatically skulled. Pkers are troublesome, but here are the best ways to deal with each pker.

You should never have any issues with ranger pkers, as they don't hit high.

Probably wont be a big issue, but maybe if they get two Dragon Dagger Speicals on you, they might have a shot.

The pkers that will hurt you the most. They can teleblock you, entangle you, freeze you, etc. They are the pkers to be feared while abyss crafting. If you see a mage pker while your crafting (and they have the ability to attack you), I suggest you teleport or world hop. But if they manage to attack you, here are some good tips.
• If they just entangle you, teleport away using your ectophial.
• If they freeze you, teleport away using your ectophial.
• If they teleblock you, run south.
• If they teleblock you and entangle/freeze you, I suggest you drop all of your pouches, your ectophial, and your glory. (If running south does not work) Then once the pker kills you, hurry up and teleport back to edgeville, and pick up your stuff.
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