Capes of Achievement


On the 18th of October 2006 Capes of Achievement were released onto Runescape. Those lucky, and some would say crazy people, who had devoted the time to train a skill to the incredible level 99 were able to retrieve these capes and show the rest of Runescape their achievement.

Each Cape of Achievement has a Skill Master. To receive the Skill Cape you need to find the relevant Skill Master, pay him or her 99k and they will hand you a Skill Hood and a Skill Cape. Now, each hood and cape is different, the Skill symbol is on the back of the cape and an emote unique to that Skill Cape.

While you are wearing the cape if you right click, the option to ‘Operate’ comes into view. This will boost the skill of that peculiar cape so you can ‘reach’ level 100.

You may have noticed with the capes some of them have a trim whereas others do not. That person that is wearing a cape with a trim has more than one skill at level 99, whereas someone with an untrimmed cape only has one skill to the level of 99. There is no need to worry, as soon as you get a second 99 skill your first cape will turn trimmed. Also a nice little bonus to the trimmed Skill Cape is it gives a Prayer Bonus of +4, the highest given by any cape.

The Skill Masters and their Locations:

To obtain the Agility Cape talk to Cap’n Lzzy No-Beard who can be found at the entrance to Brimhaven Agility Arena in Brimhaven.

To obtain the Attack Cape talk to Ajjat who can be found within the Warrior’s Guild in Burthorpe.

To obtain the Constitution Cape talk to Surgeon General Tafini who can be found in the Duel Arena Hospital.

To obtain the Construction Cape talk to the Estate Agent who can be found in North East Varrock.

To obtain the Cooking Cape talk to the Head Chef who can be found in the Cooks’ Guild, just west of Varrock.

To obtain the Crafting Cape talk to the Master Crafter who can be found in the Crafting Guild, just South West of Falador and North of Rimmington.

To obtain the Defence Cape talk to the Melee Guide who be found just north of Lumbridge.

To obtain the Farming Cape talk to Martin the Master Gardener who can be found in Draynor Village.

To obtain the Firemaking Cape talk to Ignatius Vulcan who can be found wandering the forest to the South of Seers’ Village.

To obtain the Fishing Cape talk to the Master Fisher who can be found just outside the Fishing Guild.

To obtain the Fletching Cape talk to Hickton who can be found at Catherby in the Archery Shop.

To obtain the Herblore Cape talk to Kaqemeex who can be found North of found at the Druids’ Circle.

To obtain the Hunter Cape talk to the Hunting Expert who can be found in the house located in the Feldip Hills.

To obtain the Magic Cape talk to the Robe Store Owner who can be found on the middle floor of the Magic Guild in Yanille.

To obtain the Mining Cape talk to the Dwarf who can be found outside the Mining Guild entrance South of the East Bank in Falador.

To obtain the Prayer Cape talk to Brother Jered who can be on the second story of the Monastery.

To obtain the Ranged Cape talk to the Armour Salesman who can be found within the Ranging Guild, South West of Seer’s Village.

To obtain the Runecrafting Cape talk to Aubury who can be found in the Varrock Rune Store, located South East Varrock.

To obtain the Slayer Cape talk to Duradel or Disciple of the Devourer (Depending on if you have done the quest ‘While Guthix Sleeps’) who can be found in Shilo Village, in his hut.

To obtain the Smithing Cape talk to Thurgo who can be found in his shack South of Port Sarim.

To obtain the Strength Cape talk to Sloane who can be found with the Warrior’s Guild in Burthorpe.

To obtain the Summoning Cape talk to Pikkupstix who can be found in his hut right next to the member’s gate leading to Taverly.

To obtain the Thieving Cape talk to Martin Thwait who can be found under the ‘Toad and Chicken Bar’ which is located in Burthorpe.

To obtain the Woodcutting Cape talk to Wilfred who can be found in the trees north of Falador.

The Quest Point Cape:

To obtain the Quest Point Cape talk to the Wise Old Man. Now what makes this cape any different from the rest is that every time a new Quest is released, if you are wearing the Skill Cape and Hood, it will be unequipped and a message will pop up. In order to be able to wear it again, you must complete every quest that is released.

If you have no inventory space for your hood and cape to be unequipped, they will be stored in your bank. If your bank is full as well, then you can go back to the Wise Old Man to retrieve another set for free.

Additional Information:

The stats of the capes, trimmed and untrimmed, only vary in one stat and that is the Prayer Bonus, other than that the stats are 9+ in Stab, Slash, Crush, Magic and Range Defence.

The Prayer bonus with the trimmed cape is +4, currently the best in runescape. It is generally used for Mini-games and Slayer tasks.

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