Fastest Way to Cut Magic Logs


Have you tried every single world and every single Magic tree spot and all you see is a tree stump! Yea I hate that too. But recently jagex released Summer's End and the Cursed Magic Tree. Requirement of 82 Woodcutting. Can't find Cursed Magic Logs in Grand Exchange? What, theres no such thing you are crazy. Im joking, when you finish cutting the Cursed Magic Tree and leave the Spirit Realm, they turn into regular Magic Logs. Now, its true it does get annoying switching from Spirit realm to real world. But it's worth it. I get 112 Magic logs at lv 98 Woodcutting! That's 125k at the time writing this guide! Too make it even better, Spirit Realm is Ent proofed just for you. Yup I said it, nothing will bother you in the spirit realm.


  • 82 Woodcutting
  • 78 Magic
  • Summer's End Quest
  • Desert Treasure Quest

Basic Equipment:

Weapons Slot: Dragon hatchet > Rune axe > Inferno adze
Ring Slot: Jennica's Ring
Necklace Slot: Amulet of Glory > Games necklace

The debate of Glory vs. Games is games has more teleports per round, but your in lv 23 Wilderness, and Glory can telly 30 and under wilderness. Game's can't!


Bring 10-20 Dareeyak Teleport runes and leave the rest of inventory for Magic Logs.

What's Dareeyak Teleport?

It's an Ancient Magicks spell that required 78 Magic and teleports ur 10 steps away from the Magic Trees.

What's the spirit realm and real world?
Spirit Realm with a Cursed Magic Tree

Real World with a Magic Tree

Cursed Magic Logs transfer:

The debate of Pvp World vs. Regular World Revenants have a high chance of teleport blocking you! I have been teleblocked once and the other attack from a revenant I was lucky. In the Pvp world I have been attack by a Pker. No harm done, loss of a bit of hp but teleported out just in time. Second time I was lucky, I was busy looking for the pker I died, lost few runes and Jennica's Ring. The luck was I had already banked my logs.

Lost your Jennica's Ring?
Search this rubble:

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