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Different commands can be used in RuneScape to make your text show up in another color, or with another effect. This guide will tell you about all the different commands, and how to use them.

After ALL commands, you must include a colon ( : ), or it will not work. Also, commands must be put in the beggining in your message, so it is not possible to write half of the message in white, and the other half in red.

Basic colors

Command Color
No command Makes the font yellow
white: Makes the font white
cyan: Makes the font cyan / light blue
red: Makes the font red
green: Makes the font green
purple: Makes the font purple

Command Result
white: hello global rs!
cyan: hello global rs!
red: hello global rs!
green: hello global rs!
purple: hello global rs!

Flashing and glowing text

In additions to the basic colors, you can use commands to make your text flash or glow.

Command Colors
flash1: Text flashes from yellow to red to yellow.
flash2: Text flashes from dark blue to cyan to dark blue.
flash3: Text flashes from light green to dark green to light green.
glow1: Text color changes: red-orange-yellow-green-cyan.
glow2: Text color changes: red-pink-purple-blue-purple-red.
glow3: Text color changes: white-light green-dark green-light green-white-cyan


In addition to the colors, you can add effects such as shaking or waving text.

Command Efffect
scroll: Text scrolls across screen from right to left.
slide: Text slides down from the top, stops in the middle, then slides down and disappears
wave: Your text moves up and down like a wave.
wave2: Text moves in a wave left to right
shake: Text moves like a wave, but the wave gets smaller until the letters stop moving


  • Never combine 2 or more colors or 2 or more effects.
  • Color always before effect.
  • Never CAPITALIZE anything (it will automatically capitalize the first word of your text).
  • Always place a colon after the effect name or color.

Guide credits
Written by: Alchemist411
Images by Thegreateddy (cropped by Dave)
Last update: 18-Mar-2008 22:57 by Aliensvortex
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