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Location of the TzHaar on Karamja


In the depths of Karamaja volcano lies one of the Runescapes most challenging areas. This entire area is controlled by a powerful and ancient race known as the TzHaar. You can choose to either fight in the dangerous Fight Pits against some of Runescape's strongest players, or take on the challenge of fighting Runescape's strongest monsters in the Fight Caves. If you are one of the few who is succesful in either of these challenges, you will be rewarded with Tokkul, which you can redeem for an impressive range of new and unique equipment, such as new weapons, a new shield , new jewlery and a new gem which can be crafted into a oynx amulet or ring! Also capes, ores and runes can be bought with Tokkul in the local stores.

The entrance into the volcano Entrance to TzHaar region from inside the volcano
The entrance into the volcano Entrance to TzHaar region from inside volcano

There are many monsters around the TzHaar area, some higher levels others lower. Here's a list of monster and levels:
TzHaar-Hur - Level 74
TzHaar-Mej - Level 103
TzHaar-Xil - Level 133
TzHaar-Ket - Level 149

From killing these monsters TokKul can be awarded. Tokkul is non-tradable and can only be spent in shops in the Tzhaar Region. Also, different TzHaar weapons and armour can be dropped such as Obsidian Capes or A TzHaar-Ket-Om (Obsidian Maul). Read further for full item guide.

The Fight Pits

The Fight Pits are the area of TzHaar where players of all combat can fight against each other. Being the last one alive in the pits can be rewarading; TokKul rewards are given to the last person standing. The Fight Pits can be found to the western side of The TzHaar Region. There is nothing you can't take into the Fight Pits, for example maybe a super set or two, some armour, a bow, or runes. The possibilities are endless. Before you can go into the pits to fight you must wait for the round to finish.

In the waiting room there is a viewing orb, which can be used to view the current round.
Viewing orb


There is no set way to fight in the fight pits. A few strategies commonly used are ancient magicks, the best way and most sucessful way to win in the fight pits is in a team. Often in the waiting room you will hear 'Follow me to join my team'. It is good to join those teams.

The Fight Caves

The Fight Caves is the ultimate man against monster battle for Runescape's strongest players. It consists of battling countless monsters, ranging from level 22 all the way up to the level 702 TzTok-Jad. Ouch, that's gonna hurt! If you wish to complete this mini-game successfully, you will need to have a high combat level(110+). However, level 90+ players have been known to defeat Tztok-Jad. A useful trick is to use Guthan's armour as the special attack drains life points. But another trick could be to use the blood spells from Ancient Magicks (Desert Treasure must be completed)

TzTok-Jad Here's a list of monsters found in the TzHaar Fight Cave:
• Tz-Kih – level 22
• Tz-Kek(1) – level 45
• Tz-Kek(2) – level 22 (spawn of Tz-Kek level 45)
• Tok-Xil – level 90
Yt-MejKot – level 180
Ket-Zek – level 360
Tztok-Jad – level 702


This is now the strongest monster in Runescape, and makes the Kalphite Queen look like a goblin. Tztok-Jad, like the Kalphite Queen, changes its protection prayers, so you will need to be quick if you plan to take this beast down. As mentioned before using Guthans or blood spells are very helpful, but also Karil's or a crystal bow and Black Dragon Hide is effective.

On killing this beast you will recieve a rare untradeable fire cape. This is a mark of a very strong player in RuneScape, and seperates the men from the mice.

TzHaar Shops

In the TzHaar Region there are a number of shops where you can spend your well earned TokKul on different items such as new capes, shields, weapons, ores and even an Oynx Gem which can be used to craft Amulets of Fury or Rings of Stone!

Gem Store

Here you can buy your uncut gems and ores,but most of all the rare Oynx Gem.
TzHaar-Hur-Lek's Ore and Gem Store

Picture Item Price
Tin ore Tin ore 30 TokKul
Copper ore Copper ore 30 TokKul
Iron ore Iron ore 25 TokKul
Silver ore Silver ore 112 TokKul
Coal Coal 67 TokKul
Gold ore Gold ore 225 TokKul
Mithril ore Mithril ore 243 TokKul
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 600 TokKul
Runite ore Runite ore 4800 TokKul
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 37 TokKul
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 75 TokKul
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 150 TokKul
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 300 TokKul
Uncut dragonstone Uncut dragonstone 1500 TokKul
Uncut onyx Uncut onyx 2,700,000 TokKul
Onyx bolt tips Onyx bolt tips 13,000 TokKul

Weapon/armour shop

TzHaar-Hur-Tel's Equipment Store

Picture Item Price
Toktz-xil-ul Toktz-xil-ul (Obsidian rings) 375 TokKul
Toktz-xil-ak Toktz-xil-ak (Obsidian sword) 60,000 TokKul
Toktz-ket-xil Toktz-ket-xil (Obsidian shield) 67,500 TokKul
Toktz-xi-ek Toktz-xi-ek (Obsidian knife) 37,500 TokKul
Toktz-mej-tal Toktz-mej-tal (Obsidian staff) 52,500 TokKul
Tzhaar-ket-em Tzhaar-ket-em (Obsidian mace) 45,000 TokKul
Tzhaar-ket-om Toktz-ket-om (Obsidian maul) 75,000 TokKul
Obsidian cape Obsidian cape 90,000 TokKul

Rune shop

TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store

Picture Item Price
Fire rune Fire rune 26 TokKul
Water rune Water rune 26 TokKul
Air rune Air rune 26 TokKul
Earth rune Earth rune 26 TokKul
Mind rune Mind rune 26 TokKul
Body rune Body rune 24 TokKul
Chaos rune Chaos rune 210 TokKul
Death rune Death rune 465 TokKul



In the TzHaar region, like most cities or towns, you can find a bank, run by TzHaar-Ket-Zuh. It is located east of the fight pits, but still to the western side of the TzHaar region.
The TzHaar bank

Lava Forge

In the TzHaar there is also a lava forge. This can be used to smelt ores just like any other furnace. It is located south of the bank.
The Lava Forge

Sulphur Vent

In the Tzhaar Region there are also several Sulphur Vents around. These can be used to cook your raw food on just like a range or fire.
Sulphur vent
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