Waterfiends Slaying


This guide is intended to help high level players more efficiently slay waterfiends

I for one always stayed away from killing waterfiends, regardless of how much I heard about how great they are for Crimson charms. I have never enjoyed killing them and only averaged about 20 crimsons/hour when attempting to kill them until now. I have tried multiple different methods to kill them and have finally found a way to average around 75 crimsons/hour (with a Ring of life, possibly more with a row). This will of course vary on your melee combat levels, but at max melee you should be able to copy my success.


Games Necklace to Barbarian Outpost. Run south to the dock, jump in the whirlpool, and go down the stairs to find the waterfiends room.

Another way to get to them is to use the Ferocious ring teleport to Kuradal. Take the stairs north of her to enter the waterfiends room.

Recommended Stats:

Obviously the higher your stats, the better results you will have. This is just my minimum recommendation.


This is the gear that works extremely well for me. It's ridiculously cheap and gives you all the resistance you need.

Recommended weapon(crush):

Recommended ring:

Recommended armor:

The SGS is the MOST important item I've found for slaying waterfiends. The healing and prayer restore of it's special attack is absolutely amazing. In the course of a 2+ hour camping session, the benefits really begin to stack.


Tips for success:

  • 1. Slay in the barbarian waterfall. Multi-combat in the Chaos Tunnels can be very chaotic.
  • 2. Pay attention. You can die extremely quickly if you don't pay attention or forget to turn on prayer.
  • 3. Momentarily turn on piety and be super potted when using the SGS spec.
  • 4. Stay away from brutal dragons.
  • 5. Always have a safety buffer - teleport, food, ring of life.


After a solid slayer task, your inventory can look like this:


What percentage of waterfiends drop charms, crimson in particular? From my personal experience, about 90% of drops will contain a charm. Of the charm drops, 80% of those are crimsons.

What Combat level should I be to fight them? At least 110 to kill a decent number of them per trip. If using Kuradal and doing the 200+ waterfiend tasks, being close to maxed out helps a lot.

Can I range or mage them? I highly recommend against it. They are much faster to melee.

What about the barrelchest anchor? It hits hard and is very slow. With my testing, it doesn't work very well. When compared to the SGS, it fails miserably.

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Written by: Night_elf45
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