Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 262 Fletching XP
  • 1470 Cooking XP
  • 735 Ranging XP
  • Ogre Bow and ability to make Ogre Arrows
  • Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.


Rantz in the Feldip Hill

Needed skills:

Needed items:

Recommended items:

  • Armour and Weapon for fighting a level 64 wolf
  • Some food


1. Speak to Rantz, which is located East in the Feldip Hills (map). Tell him that you'll make some 'stabbers'.

2. Find some Achey Trees and chop 5 or more Achey Logs. Then, find and kill some wolves if you don't have wolf bones. If you have them, simply use your chisel on the wolf bones to make Wolfbone arrowtips. You'll get randomly 2-6 arrowtips per bone. Then, use your knife on the logs to make Ogre Arrow Shafts. Then, add the feathers to the shafts, and finally, add the arrowtips.

3. Now, head back to Rantz and talk to him again, and he will take 6 of your arrows. He will tell you that the chompies are not coming without 'da fatsy toadies'. Then, you'll need to ask him all 4 questions.

4. Head north from Rantz to his cave. Enter it and head to the northwest corner of the cave. Unlock the chest and search it. You will find a pair of Ogre Bellows. Then, exit the cave.

5. Head south-west until you reach a swamp, guarded by wolves (level 64). Ignore them, and use the bellows on the swamp bubbles, and you'll get Ogre Bellows (3). Then, use the ogre bellows on a Swamp Toad which is jumping around there, and you'll get Bloated Toad. Use the bellow on three toads.

6. Now, head back to Rantz again. He will tell you where you'll need to use the toadies, and an animation showing it will appear. Place all 3 toads there, and quickly talk to Rantz again. If you don't do it quick enough, you'll need to get more toads. He'll try to shoot the chompy when it's coming, but he'll always miss. Talk to him and ask him to let you have a go.

7. Now, if the 'toadies' are gone, get more and place them again. Wait a little and the chompies should appear. Be sure to wield the bow and arrows, and attack the chompy bird. When you've killed it, you can pluck it, and you will get feathers, a raw chompy and bones.

8. Now, Rantz wants you to cook the chompy. Then, talk to the children in Rantz' cave, and they'll tell you what they want with the chompy. Then, try to use the chompy on the fire and it'll tell you what items you'll need before you cook it.

You'll need 1 of these items: Onion, Tomato, Cabbage, Doogle Leaves, Equa Leaves.

To find Cabbage, Equa Laves and Potatoes, go south-east of Rantz, and there will be a respawn of 3 Equa Leaves, and you can pick a cabbage and potato from the ground. The Equa Leaves are hard to see, so look at the red dots on the minimap to find them.

  • Onions grows just west of the swamp, and a tomato respawns on a stool.
  • Doogle leaves are west of the onions on the ground.
  • Tomatoes respawn on the stool near the onions.

9. When you have the items, head back to the Ogre Spit-roast, north of Rantz, and use your chompy on it to cook it.

10. Head to Rantz with the seasonated Chompy and talk to him to complete the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Big Chompy Bird Hunting

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