Black Knights' Fortress Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: No


  • 3 quest points
  • 2500gp
  • Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.


Talk to sir Amik Varze in the western tower of the White Knight's Castle in Falador (go to third floor).

Needed skills:

  • Ability to defend against or kill level 33 Black Knights if your combat level is under 67

Needed quests:

You need at least 12 quest points.

Needed items:


1. Starting the quest
Go to sir Amik Varze and talk to him. Tell him that you seek a quest. He says that he has something that he wants you to do, so tell him that you "laugh in face of danger". Then, tell him that you will do your best to help him. He then gives you a dossier.

2. Find the secret weapon
Make sure that you have your iron chainbody and bronze med helm. Then head to the Black Knights' Fortress, which is located north of Falador. [map] If you don't have a cabbage, pick one from the monastery just east of the Black Knights' Fortress.

Make sure you are wearing the Bronze medium helm and the Iron chainbody, and enter the sturdy door. Push the wall and climb the ladder twice. Then climb the other ladder down. Go through the door to the east and climb up the ladder in the room, then climb down the ladder next to it.

You should be in a room with a chaos altar which can be used to recharge your prayer points. Then, go through the door in the room. Quickly run to the ladder and go down. When you have done it sneak along the passageway and press on the ventilation grill so you can hear what they say. You will discover that the plot is an invisible potion. The only thing they need is a cabbage from Draynor Manor.

3. Destroy the potion
Go all the way back and this time you take the east door. The guard warns you that you will be attacked by black knights. Go through the east door and quickly climb up the ladder. Follow the way and push on the strange wall. Now you use (don't eat!) the cabbage on the hole.

4. Claim your reward
Head back to Sir Amik Varze and talk to him. He will be very grateful and will give you 2500 gold.

Quest completion scroll of Black Knights' Fortress

Guide credits
Guide originally written by: Lodve
Special thanks: brody947, Predator, Tristipen, Call Me Larry
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