Buyers and Cellars Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point

Please note that this is the reward for completing all the subquests as well.

  • 41,325 Thieving xp
  • 4,000 Herblore xp
  • Access to the Thieves' Guild and the ability to collect Hanky points
  • Raw materials from Chief Thief Robin
  • Advanced pickpocketing (better loot from NPCs up to level 40)
  • Craftsman's Monocle - see Extra Info.
  • Ability to mix Vials of stench
  • Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.


Speak to Darren Lightfinger in the cellar of the house just north of the Lumbridge furnace. It can be accessed through the trapdoor just outside of the house, next to the north wall.

Needed skills:

To complete all the subquests the following skills are required.

Needed quests:

The Feud

Needed items:

To complete all the subquests the following items are required.

  • Any type of log or a hatchet
  • Tinderbox
  • Any Blackjack
  • Lockpick
  • Vial of water
  • Irit Leaf
  • Bowl
  • Onion
  • Teleport to Varrock (optional)
  • Teleports to Lumbridge (optional)
  • Teleport to Ardougne (optional)


Buyers and Cellars

Needed skills: 5 Thieving

Needed Items:Logs and a Tinderbox

1. Speak to Darren Lightfinger in the cellar of the house north of the furnace in Lumbridge. The cellar can be accessed by the trapdoor outside of the house by the north wall. You can choose to either hear his speech or skip it, either way he will ask you to pickpocket the dummy in the room to practice thieving. Pickpocket the dummy and speak with Darren again.

2. Darren will now tell you of your assignment – the golden chalice. Go to Lumbridge Castle to speak with Robin. He can be found in the southern end of the courtyard, at the souther wall of Lumbridge Castle. Robin will reveal that the chalice has been withdrawn from the bank vault by an old man living in the swamp.

3. Go to Father Urhney’s house in the southeast of the swamp. Attempt to pickpocket him but he is too alert. Light a fire under one of his windows then speak to Father Urhney about his chalice and then choose to say “Fire! Fire!” Pickpocket him while he is distracted and then open the case containing the chalice.

4. Go back to Darren Lightfinger and give him the chalice.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 3 Thieves' Guild Pamphlets giving 175 XP each
  • Access to the expanded Thieves' Guild
  • The ability to collect Hanky Points.

From Tiny Acorns

Needed skills: 24 Thieving

Needed items: Teleport to Varrock (optional),Teleport to Lumbridge (optional)

1. Darren now has another caper for you. This time you must steal a toy baby dragon made of rubies from a craftsman in Varrock. Head to Varrock Square.

2. Speak to the Market guard and ask him about Urist. He will tell you that Urist keeps a talisman in his back pocket. Pickpocket Urist to steal it and then put down the talisman and speak to Urist again. He will go over to pick it up. Meanwhile, quickly distract the guard and then steal the dragon from the stall.

3. Speak to Urist again and he will be forced to give Darren’s money back as he can’t meet the deadline. He will hand you a banker’s note. Return to Darren in Lumbridge.


  • 1000 Thieving XP
  • Increased access to the Thieves' Guild

Lost Her Marbles

Needed Items: 41 Thieving

Needed Items: None

1. The next task Darren sets you is to find 32 flame fragments which were once pieces of solitaire. They have been scattered throughout Gielinor but have been picked up by various people. You must thieve these people to find the fragments. Each group of people has a maximum of 6 fragments.

These fragments can be gotten from anyone that can be pickpocketed from. The closest groups are:

  • Man/Woman (in Lumbridge
  • Al-Kharid Warriors (Al-Kharid Palace)
  • Farmers (In the fields near Lumbridge)
  • H.A.M. Members (H.A.M. Hideout in the forest between Lumbridge and Draynor Village)
  • Master Farmers (Draynor Village)
  • Cave Goblins (in Dorgesh-Kaan)
  • Guards (Falador or Varrock)

2. Once you have all 32 fragments, return to Darren. The fragments can be handed back 8 at a time and each time Robin rewards you with various raw materials as well as 1200 Thieving XP.


  • 9800 Thieving XP
  • Raw materials from Chief Thief Robin
  • Advanced pickpocketing (better loot from NPCs up to level 40)
  • Increased access to the Thieves' Guild

A Guild Of Our Own

Needed skills: 62 Thieving,46 Herblore,40 Agility

Needed quests:The Feud

Needed Items: Any Blackjack, Lockpick, Vial of water, Irit Leaf, Bowl, Onion, Teleport to Ardougne (optional), Teleport to Lumbridge (optional)

Note: The blackjack and the lockpick can be bought from Dodgy Derek inside the Thieves' Guild.

1. Darren now has one final task for you to complete. To ensure that the Thieves’ Guild becomes official, an outrageous registration fee must be paid to the Guild Registrar in Ardougne. Your task is to break into the Registrar’s vault, steal their bonds and then pay the fee with their own money. To do this you will need a blackjack, a lockpick and a disguise.

2. Speak to Robin about the disguise. He will tell you how to make a Vial of stench, which will cause the guard’s eyes to water so much that he can’t see you clearly. You will need a vial of water, an irit leaf and a bowl of chopped onion. The bowl of chopped onion is made by using a bowl with an onion.

3. Once you have made the potion return to Robin and he will cast a spell to ensure that the potion doesn’t affect you as well. Now go to East Ardougne, the Guild Registrar is located to the southeast.

4. Walk inside and pickpocket the registrar to receive the clock key. Now the following steps need to be done quickly in order to avoid being caught. Wind the clock on the wall causing the registrar to go to the other room to fix it. As soon as the registrar has entered the other room, lure the guard and then knock him out and steal his key. Pull the lever behind the registrar’s desk and then go down the now open trapdoor.

5. Pick the lock on the gate and check the chest before opening it. This will disable the trap allowing you to steal the guild bonds. Inspect the boxes to leave through the ventilation shaft.

6. Deposit the Vial of stench in the bank and then return to the Guild Registrar. Speak to the registrar to pay the registration fees and then return to Darren.


  • 30,000 Thieving XP
  • 4000 Herblore XP
  • Ability to mix Vials of stench
  • Access to the complete Thieves' Guild including a bank.

Extra Info

  • Speak to Robin before each caper to receive advice.
  • If you have high enough thieving the Mark 1 dummy can be thieved for 2000 Thieving XP.
  • Go back to Urist and ask him "Is that your talisman by your foot?" While he looks down you'll steal his monocle.
  • Take the Vial of stench back to Robin to let him enchant it. You will now be able to make your own. It can be used to sell back goods to stall owners you have just stolen from.

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