Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 4 quest points
  • 250 Herblore XP (2 Herblore Levels and the ability to start working with Herblore).


Talk with Kaqemeex in the stone circle north of Taverley.

Needed skills:

Ability to defend against or kill a level 19 monster

Needed items:


1. Kaqemeex will tell you about the Stone Circle south of Varrock. The dark wizards once, many years ago, casted a spell on the circle and took it from the druids. He will ask you for help to get it back.

2. Go back to Tavelrey, head upstairs in the Herblore Store, and talk to Sanfew.

3. He will tell you that he need 4 different raw meats for the potion: Chicken, Rat, Cow and Bear.

4. Head south of Tavelrey, to the dungeon (Member's Dungeon). Go down the ladder.

5. Go to the first door to the east, which is a prison door. Try to open it. One of the Suits of Armour (level 19) will attack you. Kill it and try to open the door again. You should now be able to enter.

6. Go to the Cauldron of Thunder, and use the four meats on it. The pot will now be blue.

7. Go out of the dungeon, and head back to Sanfew (upstairs in Herblore shop).

8. After speaking to Sanfew, go back to Kaqemeex and he will reward you. He will also tell you about making potions and the herblore skill.

Quest completion scroll of Druidic Ritual

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Guide written by: Aliensvortex
Last update: 18-Feb-2011 21:22 by Kevin
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