Eagles' Peak Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 2500 Hunter XP
  • Ability to catch ferrets
  • Access to fly eagles from Eagles' Peak


Speak to Charlie in Ardougne Zoo.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

  • Fairy Tale Part II is recommended for Fairy Ring Teleport

Needed items:

  • 50 gp
  • Swamp Tar
  • Yellow Dye


1. Go to the Ardougne Zoo and speak to Charlie. He will describe his situation, which includes him sending a hunter named Nickolaus to go find a ferret and bring it back for display. He is not in the best of thoughts because he has not heard back from Nickolaus in a while. This is going to effect his reputation at the Zoo negatively, so it can go on no longer. He will ask you go find Nickolaus and see what is taking him so long.

2. Next, make your way to Eagles' Peak, which is located south of the Woodlands hunting grounds and west of the Gnome Stronhold. This is where the fairy ring teleports can be handy. Use coordinates AKQ to teleport into the Woodlands hunting grounds, then walk south until you reach Eagles peak. If you do not have access to Fairy Rings, teleport to Ardougne and walk.

3. When you arrive at Eagles' Peak, at the northern base of the mountain like structure, you will see a camp site. Infront of the tent you will find books which you can search to find a metal feather.

4. Now its time to go to the top of Eagles' Peak. There is an agility shortcut right next to the camp site. Use your mini map to find the exact location. If you can't use the shortcut, you will need to walk. When you get to the top of Eagles' Peak, inspect the door. Then use your metal feather on the door and it will open.

5. Go inside the cave and go straight. You will come to a part where the road branches off in two directions. You want to go south here. There will be a short cutscene where you meet Nickolaus. He has been captured by a giant eagle and is being held in the eagles nest.He will ask you to make eagle costumes to help him get out.

6. To make these costumes you will want to visit the fancy clothes shop in East Varrok behind the bank, but before you head there, be sure to pick up 10 eagle feathers from the ground. When you talk to the fancy clothes shop owner, he will tell you he needs 50 gp, yellow dye, swamp tar, and 10 eagle feathers to make the costumes. Bring him all these and he will give you the costumes.

7. Go back and shout to Nickolaus again. Tell him you have the costumes to get him out. He will tell you to come around and bring them to him. Using your mini map you can find the way to go around to where he is, but you meet a locked door. You will need 3 feathers to open this door, a bronze feather, a silver feather, and a gold feather.

Bronze Feather

8. Go to the cave in the southwestern part of the cave you are already in. When you enter, you will see a pedestal in the middle of the room with the bronze feather on it. Walk up to it and try to take the feather. You will be knocked over and the pedestal will be lifted into the air by a rope and net trap. In each corner of the room there is a "winch". Pull each one and retrieve the bronze feather.

Silver Feather

9. The silver feather is a bit more complicated, yet still very easy to get. Go back out into the main cave, then take the exit in the northwestern corner. Inspect the pedestal you see when you enter, and some tracks will appear on the floor. Follow them until they end. Look around a bit and you will find rocks on the ground. Inspect the right ones and the tracks will continue. Finally they will take you to an opening. Inspect the opening and a level 13 Kebbit will come out. Kill it and collect the silver feather.

Gold Feather

10. This is the tough part. You need to complete a puzzle to get the gold feather. First go back into the big cave, and go through the exit in the northeastern part of the cave. When you enter, you will need to collect 6 odd bird seeds.

The following map will help you with the puzzle. There are 11 steps to this puzzle, each is numbered on the map and in the list below the map. Follow them and you should be in good shape.

Here is the order:
1. Pull lever down.
2. Put a seed in the bird feeder.
3. Put a seed in the bird feeder.
4. Pull lever down.
5. Put a seed in the bird feeder.
6. Pull lever down.
7. Push lever up.
8. Put a seed in the bird feeder.
9. Pull lever down.
10. Put a seed in the bird feeder.
11. Put a seed in the bird feeder.

11. Now that you have all three feathers you can go and open the door that leads to Nickolaus. For this part make sure you have one of the eagle costumes on. Go back to the door and use the feathers with it. It will open and you will be able to get to Nickolaus. When you go through the door, you will see a giant eagle with an option to "walk-past" it. Walk-past it and give Nickolaus the remaining eagle costume.He will tell you to meet him at the campsite outside.

12. Make your way back to the campsite and speak with Nickolaus. Tell him that you had been sent to see what was taking him so long to get that ferret back to Charlie. Nickolaus will teach you how to catch a ferret, and you will get to keep the one that is caught. Take that back to Charlie in Ardougne and you will have completed the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Eagles' Peak

Completing this quest gives you access to fly the Eagles at Eagles' Peak for another method of transport.

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