Elemental Workshop I Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 5K Crafting and Smithing XP
  • The Elemental Shield you will make during the quest
  • The ability to make Elemental Shields (+6 to magic defence bonus)


See the walkthrough.

Needed skills:

  • 20 Crafting
  • 20 Smithing
  • 20 Mining (30 if you want to mine your own coal)
  • The ability to kill Earth Elemental (level 35)

Needed items:


1. Go to the house South-west of the bank in Seers Village.

2. Serch the bookcase on the east wall, and you will find a book.

3. Read the battered book to start the quest, and then use a knife on it. You will get the battered key.

4. Go to the house with anvils just north of the house you're in. You will find a Odd looking wall. Use the battered key on it.

5. There are 5 rooms in the cave. Here's a map that you can use for the next steps:

5A. Go to room A, located west of the main room. Mine a Pile of Rock. An earth elemental will come and tell you to not mine it. You have to kill it to get the ore.

5B. Go to room B, located north of the main room.

Turn the valves, either the left one or the right one first, then pull the lever. (There are two different combinations, and one works on some players, one works for the others)

5C. Go to room C, located east of the main room. Here, you have to fix the bellows. (You need the leather, thread and needle)

After you have done that, search the small boxes at the main room for a stone bowl.

5D. Go to room D, located south of the main room. Find a lava trough and use the stone bowl on it.

6. Use the bowl with lava with the furnace which is in the south room too.

7. Go back to the bellows (east room) and pull the lever.

8. Go back to the furnace and use you Elemental ore with it. You will get Elemental metal, which is like a elemental bar.

9. Then, go back to the main room, and use you Elemental Metal with the workbench.

When you make the shield, you will complete the quest.

After you have done the quest, you can make elemental shields. Just mine some elemental ore, and bring 4 coals with you. Then just make it as you made it in the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Elemental Workshop I

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Guide originally written by: Aliensvortex
Special thanks: Call Me Larry, Pineapple, Charles
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