Enakhra's Lament Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 7000 Crafting XP
  • 7000 Firemaking XP
  • 7000 Mining XP
  • 7000 Magic XP
  • Akthanakos' Camulet, which lets you speak to camels and teleport to the temple.


Talk to Lazim in the Kharidian Desert, south of the Bandit Camp. [map]

Needed skills:

Needed items:

Recommended items:


When you start the quest, take all the items you need. Don't take a weapon, but wield your pickaxe. Items to survive in the desert (robes, water and knife) is highly recommended. Also, a charged amulet of glory to teleport back to Al-Kharid if you need to do so is recommended. You need at least 7 empty spaces in your inventory when you start the quest.

1. Start the quest just south of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian desert. [map] The fastest way to get there, is to take a magic carpet to the Bedabin Camp, and walk south towards the Bandit Camp. Then, continue to the south, around the ridge and talk to Lazim to start the quest.

2. Go southwest to the mining field and mine 32kg of sandstone.

3. Go back to Lazim and talk to him. Give him all the blocks so he gets 32kg, and he'll give you one 32kg block. Use your chisel with it, then use the sandstone base you made with the flat ground next to Lazim.

4. Talk to Lazim again, and he asks you for 20kg of sandstone. Mine it, and if you don't have coal or clay, mine it now. Also, mine an extra 5kg granite block, which you will need later in the quest. Talk to Lazim again to get one 20kg block of sandstone. Use your chisel with the 20kg sandstone he gives you, and use the sandstone body with the statue.

5. Use your chisel with the headless statue, and talk to Lazim. He asks you to chose whose head you want to make.

6. Now, get some granite. You need a 5kg block. Use your chisel with the granite, and select whose head you want to make. Remember to chose the one you told Lazim. Then, go back to the statue and use your head with it. Lazim checks that you made the correct head, and when he puts it on the top of the statue, the ground collapses and you fall into a cave.

7. Talk to Lazim, and he tells you what happened. Then, use your chisel with the fallen statue and take all the limbs. When you have all the limbs, talk to Lazim again, and ask him about the statue's head.

8. Go to the north, and try opening the door, and you'll see a small cutscene. Open the door again, and follow the path to the west until you reach a room.

9. When you reach the room, you will see a pedestal with a Z sigil on it. Take the sigil and continue to the west.

10. Try opening the door, and you will see another cutscene. Open the door again, follow the tunnel and take the K sigil from the pedestal when you reach the room.

11. Continue to the south, open the door and you'll see yet another cutscene. Open the door again, follow the path and take the R sigil. Continue to the east, and take the M sigil. You're now back where you started.

12. Head to the west, and you will see a door with a K on it. Open it. Go to the other doors in the room, and place the sigils in all of them. Then, climb up the ladder in the middle of the room.

13. Use a fire bolt (or better) on the fountain to the west to melt it. If your bucket is not filled with water, you can do so here. Use the water with the clay to get soft clay, and use the soft clay with the pedestal. Then, use the chisel with the granite block to make a copy of the camel mould. Use the stone head with the pedestal.

If you don't have the granite block anymore, go back to the quarry and mine a new one.

14. Head to the Pentyn, on the path that leads to the northwest. Use the cake/bread with him (don't eat it!).

15. Now, go to the eastern room, and investigate the braziers there. Use the logs with the correct braziers. Don't use the candle with the brazier that contained a candle before you've added logs and coal to all the other braziers, otherwise you would have no light source.

16. Go to the room with a furnace, and use a wind bolt (or better) with it. Then, go back to the main room, and pass the magical barrier. Climb up the ladder, and go south until you see a boneguard. Use the crumble undead magic spell to free the spirit from it. You can take the big bones which are under the pile of bones and bury them if you wish.

17. Climb over the pile of bones and turn on protect from melee, then talk to the boneguard. When he stops attacking you, you can turn the prayer off.

18. Take 3 sandstones from the rubble on the ground, and use them with the wall to build it. Each time you add some stone, you have to trim the wall by using a chisel on it before you can add a new stone to it. Repeat until the wall is completed.

19. Talk to the boneguard again. A cutscene appears, and you will complete the quest. Congratulations!

Quest completion scroll of Enakhra's Lament

The Camulet has 4 charges. To recharge it, use it with some camel dung. To get camel dung, go to Pollnivneach, and buy some hot sauce from the kebab seller. Then, go southwest of the camel seller to the camel seller, and use the sauce with the food trough. You need to collect the dung in buckets. Two buckets are respawning at the camel seller.

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