The Feud Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 15,000 Thieving XP
  • 500GP
  • Blackjack
  • Adamant Scimitar (If you pick it up after killing the bandits)


Ali Morrisane, Al Kharid.

Needed skills:

Needed items:

  • At least 1000gp
  • Desert Equipment (robes and boots)
  • Shantay Pass (can be bought in the Shantay Pass)
  • Water-filled Waterskins or Waterskins and a Knife to cut a Cactus to fill them
  • Bucket
  • Gloves (leather or colored)

Also, bring food and/or prayer pots if you are worried about the fight.


1. Talk to Ali Morrisane in Al-Kharid Bazaar, it's north in the city, beside the gem shop. Ask him why he's still selling goods from a stall. Then tell him that you can help him. He will tell you to find his nephew, called "Ali", who lives in "Pollnivneach". Then, buy the headpiece and the fake beard from his store.

2. Go south of Al-Kharid, to the Shantay Pass. Buy a pass from Shantay, and go through the pass. Be sure to have the desert shirt, robe and boots, and some waterskins.

3. Go south from the Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach.

4. Head southeast in the village, in the bar, and talk to Ali the Barman. Buy 3 beers from him.

5. Talk to Drunken Ali, he will ask for some beer in return for the information, so give Drunken Ali three beers, but one at a time. He will tell you that Ali Morrisane's nephew's disappearance may be linked to the gangs.

6. Head west from the bar to a purple and yellow tent, and you will see Ali the Operator. Talk with him, and he will tell you that the whole feud started with a stolen camel.

7. Go north in the city and talk with any bandit. He will tell you more about the camel.

8. Talk to the camel discounter, which is in the west of the town. Ask him to buy a camel for 500 gp.

9. Give one Receipt to a menaphite thug, and one to a bandit. It won't help that much, so you will need to join one of the gangs.

10. Go and talk to Ali the operator, and ask him to join his gang. He will check if you are trustworthy enough, and he will tell you to pickpocket 3 villagers.


  • 1st villager - just pickpocket him / her normally.
  • 2nd villager - Go back to Ali the operator and ask for advice. He will tell you that you should try to find a distraction.
    Find the Street urchin and pay him 10 gp to distract a villager. There will be a villager with a flashing arrow above the head, pickpocket him.
  • 3rd villager - Go back to Ali the operator and ask for advice. He will give you a blackjack. Knock-out a random villager, and pickpocket him.

12. Ali the operator wants you to steal the mayor's wife's jewelry from their house. He will give you a key to the front door. Now, use the fake beard with the headpiece you purchased at the beginning of the quest to make a disguise. Wear your gloves and the desert disguise you just made, and go hide behind the huge cactus nearby the mayor's house. When it tells you that it's safe to go in that nobody is home, use your key on the door to go in.

13. Go upstairs, and search the landscape next to the bed, and you will see that it's covering something; a safe. To open the safe, you have to click: 1-1-2-3-5-8 on the dial. The dial looks like a clock, and you can see which number each tag is in the corner of the screen. Once you've entered the right code, you will open the safe and take the jewels.

14. Head back to Alie the Operator, and give him the Jewels. The last task is to find a Menaphite Traitor. Talk to a Menaphite Thug, and he will say that it can be Traitorous Ali. Tell it to Ali the Operator, and he will tell you to kill him.

15. Go to Ali the Kebabseller and ask him if he would sell you a bottle of the special kebab sauce. Head to the Camel store, and use the sauce on the food trough. A camel will eat from the trough, and then a dung will appear on the ground. Use the bucket on it. There is different kind of dungs. You want the brown one. Use the bucket on it, and you will have some dung.

16. Now, go behind the pub, and use some coins on the money pot next to the Snake Charmer, and then he will give you a whistle and a basket. Go outisde Ali the Operator's tent, and use the whistle on a random desert snake. If you're lucky, you will put the snake into the basket. If it doesn't happen, but you're successful, use the basket on the woozy snake.

17. Take the dung and the basket with the snake to Ali the Hag, which can be found on the hill just west of the General Store, north of the Menaphites tent. You should have to talk to her twice.

18. Head to the pub, and ask Ali the Bartender about Traitorous Ali. The barman will tell you that he went to the toilet a few minutes ago. Since no-one has ever actually seen a toilet in RuneScape, he may take a little while.

19. Traitorous Ali have his beer on the table with a beer, and you have to use the poison on that table.

20. Head back to Ali the Operator, and he will tell you to talk to the Menaphite Leader. (for some reason he's outside the tent...) You will see that he just want to dominate the whole RuneScape, and the bandits are just bargain. You decide to kill him, since he's a little crazy, but dangerous. A level 75 named "Though Guy" appears and fights you. Kill him. The Menaphite Leader will teleport and now he's gone, and you still know nothing about the Ali you're looking for.

21. Talk to a random villager, and he will tell you that they're angry, you just unbalanced the power. You will now have to deal with the Bandit Leader too. He's just northwest of the village. Talk to the bandit leader and you will give him an ultimatum: Either leave the town of your own free or you will make him. A level 72 will appear and start to attack you. Kill him. He will drop an addy scimmitar, pick it up if you're interested.

22. Talk with any villager. They are still unhappy. Now, go talk to Ali the Mayor. He will thank you.

23. Now, go back to Ali Morrisane to claim your reward.

Quest completion scroll of The Feud

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