The Golem Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
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Basically, from Shantay Pass go southeast until you hit the bridge along the river. Then just head to the Ruins of Uzer. Once there look for the Golem. Look for the quest icon on the mini map to locate the Golem if you are having a hard time finding him.

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1. Talk to the golem. The golem will tell you that he is in need of repairs.

2. Near him is a staircase, go down it. Down there you will find some black mushrooms, pick them.

3. Head northwest and you will find the strange implement. Get it.

4. Now head out of the building and go west. You will find a letter. You find out that the letter is by Elissa, one of the people at the digsite. Teleport to Varrock (or head off there if you don't have teleport runes) and start heading to the digsite.

5. Find Elissa at the digsite. (The Digsite is southeast of Varrock). She is in the Northeast section of the digsite.

6. Ask her about the letter. She will say that her husband was the one who had the expedition to the Ruins of Uzer. She tells you that her husband's notes of the expedition are in the Exam Center. (Which is in the Southern section of the Digsite)

7. Now head to the Exam Centre. Search the bookcase which is on the southern wall in the corner.

In the book it talks about many things. Including the fact that the golems were used to protect the city, and that the Golem you saw was the last remaining after an attack. It also talks about how to control a Golem. All you have to do is write a piece of instruction on a papyrus and stick it inside the Golem's head. But, you need special ink and a quill from a Phoenix.

8. Well, time to fix this thing. Head back to the Ruins of Uzer. Use your pieces of soft clay on the Golem. After the fourth one, he will be completely repaired. He will tell you though, that his task is incomplete. The Demon must be destroyed. Ask him about this task, and he will go into great detail about it. But all you need to know that the demon retreated into the chamber you went into earlier, and the demon's heal very slowly, and the Golem could easily destroy the demon now. The only problem is that the doorway cant be opened unless you rotate the statuettes correctly. And the Golem doesn't know how to do this.

9. Head into the chamber now. Find the room with 3 statuettes. (That means one of them is missing) But since your such a smart person, you realize that you should go to the Museum of Varrock, as they are bound to have something there. Go talk to the curator. He tells you of the last remaining statuette, and its in a display case. Pickpocket the Curator, get the key, and use the key on the display case.

10. Now go back to Uzer. Go to the chamber where the statuettes are. Place the statuette in the missing spot. Make sure all statuettes are facing north. The Doorway will open up, and now go inside it. You'll see yourself in an eerie room. You also see a skeleton.

Examine the skeleton. If you have your hammer and chisel, go north and find the jewel throne. Use the hammer on the throne and get some sweet gems.

11. Head out of that place now. Talk to the Golem. You'll tell him that the demon is dead, but he doesn't believe you. So now you need to give him some new instructions.

12. Go Northwest until you see a mountian. You should see a Phoenix eventually.Attempt to pluck the feather from it. You will get stunned and hurt a little, but nothing to worry about. Once you get the feather, head back to the Golem.

13. Use your pestle and mortar on the black mushroom. Now use the Phoenix feather with the ink, and then use that on the papyrus. You will write "Your Task is Over".Use the strange implement on the Golem, and it should open up his head. Use the papyrus on the Golem, and the quest is complete!

Quest completion scroll of The Golem

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