The Grand Tree Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 5 quest points
  • 7900 Agility XP
  • 18,400 Attack XP
  • 2150 Magic XP


King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree [map]

Needed skills:

Level 25 Agility, ability to kill a level 172 demon (The demon fights with melee. It is also possible to use obstacles so the demon won't hit you, if you use magic or range!), ability to run away from Jungle Spiders (level 44) and Jogres (level 53).

Needed items:

  • 30 gp
  • You will need 30gp extra if you don't teleport (see part 5 in recommendations).


  • 1. Lots of good food
  • 2. Prayer 43 if you want to fight the demon with melee.
  • 3. If you want to fight the monster with mage/range, you won't really need anything good (I fought the demon when I was in combat 37, with 50 mage), but lots of runes/arrows is wise.
  • 4. 1 set of teleport runes to the Watchtower, if you're able to use the Watchtower Teleport.
  • 5. Some teleport runes to get from Karamja to the Gnome Stronghold.


Note: You will be told when the fight is, so you don't need all food, pots, arrows etc before the fight. However, you'll need to survive spiders and Jogres up to level 53, so you should bring some food at the start of the quest.

1. Talk to King Narnode Shareen, who can be found in the Grand Tree [map]. The Grand Tree is located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, which is northwest of Ardougne. He tells you that the Grand Tree is getting sick for some reason. Offer him to help, and he'll give you a Translation Book and a Bark Sample. He will also tell you to go and give the sample to a gnome called Hazelmere, who lives on an island west of Yanille.

2. Hazelmere is, as stated in the first step, on an island west of Yanille [map]. If you can, teleport to the Watchtower and walk to the island. Otherwise, you can either teleport to Ardougne or walk all the way. Note that on this peninsula, there are lots of Jungle Spiders (level 44), so you may need some food. Try to ignore the spiders, and go to the top of the hill, and go up the ladder in the house. Talk to Hazelmere, and he will take the sample and show you a message. The message is on a gnome language, but as you have the book, you can use it to translate. Anyway, here's what he wrote:

A human came to me with the King seal.
I gave the human Daconia rock
and Daconia rocks will kill the tree!

3. Head back to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree, and talk to him. You will need to click "none of these" until you see the first part of the translation, click it, and do the same with the second and third part. The king will then ask you to go speak to Glough.

4. Glough is in south-east of the grand tree, upstairs in a small tree. Talk to him, and he'll tell you that he will take care of it.

5. Go back to the King. He tells you that they have a prisoner in a jail at the top of the tree.

6. Go to the top of the Grand Tree, and talk to the prisoner, named Charlie. He will tell you why he was found with daconian rocks.

7. Head back to Glough and search the cupboard there. You will find his journal.

8. Now, talk to Glough. He will call his guards to lock you up in jail.

9. When you're in the prison, Charlie will tell you about warships that are being built on Karamja. He will also tell you a password. Then, the king will come and let you out of the prison.

10. Go to the Gnome Pilot on the same floor, and talk to him. Select Karamja as your destination. The glider will crash in the jungle. Watch out for Jungle Spiders (level 44) and Jogres (level 53), and head to the south-west until you reach a gate. Try to open the gate, and a guard stops you and ask what you're doing. Tell him that Glough has sent you, and give him the password:


11. When you enter, find the Foreman and talk to him. He'll ask you to go to his office. Once you're there, answer his questions:

  • How is Glough's wife? She is not longer with us
  • What's Glough's favourite food? Pickled hole worms
  • What is his new girlfriend called? Anita

If your answer is wrong, he'll attack you. You will get a note anyway.

12. Now, head back to the Tree Gnome Stronghold (read step 13 first!). Remember that you can't return by the glider, as it was broken when you landed. However, you can either teleport (if you have read step 5 in recommendations at the start of this guide), or you can take the ship from Karamja as normally, this will cost you 30gp. If you accidently forgot 30gp, you can talk to Luthas on the free part of Karamja, next to the docks, and then pick up bananas for him to get 30gp.

13. When you try to enter the stronghold, a guard will stop you, as he thinks you are a spy. There are two ways to get in:

  1. If you've done the Tree Gnome Village quest, go to the Tree Gnome Village Quest, go to the Tree Gnome Village, and teleport with the Spirit Tree
  2. If you haven't done the quest, go to the gate to the stronghold, and talk to Femi. Say that you need to get in, and she will sneak you in.

14. Head to the King, who will still refuses to believe you, and he sends you away.

15. Go to the top of the tree to Charlie, and he'll tell you that Glough's girlfriend, Anita, may be able to help you.

16. Anita lives in a tree house (Upstairs, as most of the gnome houses) west of the Toad Swamp, which is west of the Grand Tree [map]. Talk to her, and she thinks you are Glough's friend, and give you a key that belongs to Glough.

17. Head back to Glough's house. In his house, you'll see a chest. Use the key on it, and you will find the invasion plans! Now that you have a proof, go to the king. He will be shocked, but he will tell you that there is no proof that Glough wrote the plans.

18. The king will then tell you that troops has searched Glough's house, but they have only found some strange twigs. He will give you the twigs. Note that if you don't have enough room, drop or bank something. (You need 4 spaces in your inventory.)

Note: You will soon fight the Black Demon (level 172), so bring stuff to fight it. Remember to still have the 4 twigs! Read all hints for fighting the demons at the end of the quest guide.

19. Go to Glough's house. There is a tree leading upstairs to the Gnome Watch Tower, and you need at least level 25 agility to climb it. Then you'll see some stands, where you can place the sticks (from weset to east) spelling TUZO.

20. Once you're sure that you are ready to fight the demon, go down the trapdoor. Remember that even if the sticks disappear, you will still be able to go down the trapdoor, so you don't need to go down the trapdoor immediately after using the sticks on the stands. After talking to Glough, the demon will appear. Read at the bottom of this guide for more info and tips on fighting the demon.

21. When you've fighted the Demon, follow the tunnel and find the King. First, he will not believe you, but he will finally believe you when his guards find Glough hidding around the Daconian rocks.

22. The king will now ask you to find the last Daconia rocks. Search all roots in the area to find the rocks, and bring them to the King to receive your reward!

Quest completion scroll of The Grand Tree

Tips for fighting the Black Demon (level 172)

Melee: Use the Protect from Melee prayer, and the demon won't be able to hit you (it will only hit 0). If you do so, you won't really need any food, but bring some just in case. One prayer potion is also a good idea, as you may run out of prayer points.

If you're not able to use Protect from Melee, it will be REALLY hard to fight the demon with melee, and I doubt you will kill it unless your combat is really high.

Range / Magic: This is definitely easier. When the demon appears, quickly run between the rocks in the south:

If you can't shoot at the demon from this location, move one square to the east. There's no problem in killing it with Fire Strike, I have tested that myself, but that would be very slow, and you will use lots of runes, so I suggest you to use something better.

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