Hazeel Cult Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes



The mansion south of Ardougne Palace [map], speak to Ceril Carnillean.


Starting the quest

1. To start the quest, talk to Ceril Carnillean in his mansion south of Ardougne Palace [map]. He'll tell you about a cult who broke into his house.

2. Now, head south, across the bridge, to the east of the house, where you'll see a red exclamation mark showing you that there is a cave there.

3. Talk to Clivet. You will now have two options; either you can join the gang, or help the Carnilleans. Either way, you can complete the quest.

Completing the quest by joining the Hazeel Cult
1. If you want to join the Hazeel Cult, Clivet will give you a poison. He tells you that you must put it in the Carnillean's food.

2. Head back to the Carnillean's mansion, and go down to the basement, and use the poison with the range.

3. Go upstairs and talk to one of the family members. They will tell you that their dog has been murdered.

4. Head back to Clivet in his cave and talk to him, and he will give you the Mark of Hazeel. Wear it, and leave the cave.

5. You will now have to turn 5 valves. Look at the bottom of the guide to see where they are and which way they must be turned.

6. Go back to the cave where Clivet is, and ride the raft. Speak to Alomone, who will tell you to find a scroll located in the Carnillean's mansion.

7. Board the raft again, and head back to the mansion. Go downstairs, and search the crates for a key. Once you've found it, go to the second floor, and knock the wall to the most north-western part of room (image below). A secret passageway will appear. Climb up the ladder.

8. Use the key that you found earlier with the chest to open it. Search it, and you'll find the scroll.

9. Head back to the hideout and take the raft to Alomone. Give him the scroll, and he will ressurect Hazeel. Congratulations, you've completed the quest!

Completing the quest by helping the Carnilleans
1. Do not agree to help Clivet. Head back to the mansion, and talk to Ceril again.

2. After you've talked with Ceril, go south and turn the valves as shown on the picture below.

3. Head back to Clivet, and board the raft. Go past the Hazeel Cultist, and talk to Alomone. He tells you that the butler is a part of the Hazeel cult, and he will then attack you. Kill him, and he'll drop the armour.

4. Bring the armour back to (Sir) Ceril. You will tell him that the butler is a member of the Hazeel cult, but he doesn't believe you.

5. Go upstairs, and talk to Ceril again. He still won't believe you, and will reward you with 5gp, and give 1995gp to the butler. A scroll showing that the quest have been completed will appear [image].

6. But the quest is not completed! You will have to find some proofs. In the butler's room, search the cupboard. You will find a poison and an amulet. Show them to Ceril, who will finally believe you.

Quest completion scroll of Hazeel Cult

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