Imp Catcher Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: No



On the top floor of Wizards Tower (near Draynor Village a little to the South)


1. Talk to Wizard Mizgog. Wizard Mizgog will tell you that Wizard Greyzag's imp has stolen his red bead, his white bead, his black bead, and his yellow bead.

2. Tell Wizard Mizgog that you will return his beads back to him.

3. Now this is the hardest part of the quest; finding the 4 colored beads. To find the beads you need to kill imps. You can find imps in several places. One being next to the Karamja volcano, around the farm south of Falador, around in city of Varrock, around Lumbridge and many other locations.

The picture below shows the 4 different beads.

Red, Yellow, White and Black

4. Now that you have all four colored beads, take them back to Wizard Mizgog for your reward.

Quest completion scroll of Imp Catcher

Extra Info

For those of you who cannot be bothered to hunt down Imps for the beads you can easily buy them in the GE for under 1k each. However they might take a while to buy.

Guide credits
Guide originally written by: 411Archer
Special thanks: Predator, Bethyy and Pineapple
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