The Knight's Sword Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: No



Talk with the Squire in the White Knight's Castle in Falador.

Needed skills:

  • Ability to run from level 57 Ice Warriors and level 53 Ice Giants.
  • Level 10 Cooking and level 15 Smithing are not required but are recommended

Needed items:

  • Redberry Pie (Can be cooked)
  • Pickaxe (Check here for more info)
  • 2 Iron Bars (Can be smithed)


1. Talk to the Squire and Reldo
In the grounds of the White Knights' Castle is the Squire, go chat with him in order to start the quest. Once you have spoken to him he will tell you to find the librarian, Reldo, in Varrock.

2. Chat with Reldo
Go to the library in the Varrock castle and talk with Reldo. Ask him about Imcando Dwarves. He will tell you that they LOVE redberry pies; a big hint!!

3. Go to Thurgo
Now go south from Falador, past Port Sarim, past the church and then you will see a little house there with an anvil symbol on the mini map. Go to the house and talk to Thurgo, he does appear to be a rather grumpy fellow and ask him if he wants some redberry pie. Once you have given him some of the pie he is a lot happier. He will tell you that he will make the sword but he doesn't remember what it looks like.

After you have talked to him, go to white castle and talk to Squire. Ask him if he got a picture of the sword he lost and he will tell you that Sir Vyvin got one in

4. Getting the picture of blurite sword

Go to the third floor of the castle and try to shut the door. Sir Vyvin can't see you because you have closed the door and now you can take the picture. Open the door and go to Thurgo who is in a little house south of Port Sarim. Then give him the picture and he will tell you that he need 1 blurite ore and 2 iron bars. You have the iron bars but not the blurite ore. Go to the ladder and go down. Go through the Muggers, Pirates, Hobgoblins and Ice Warriors. Mine 1 blurite ore (or 2 if you want to have a extra blurite sword for yourself). When you have the ore(s) and bars go to Thurgo and he will make you the sword.

5. Claim the reward
Head to Falador and go to the Squire. Talk to him and you will get the reward.

Quest completion scroll of The Knight's Sword

Extra info:

Do the things you did to get the one sword but this time you get 2 ores and 4 bars. When you have them, go to Thurgo and talk to him. He will make you 1 sword then you drop one fast. Talk to him again and he will make one more and then take the sword you dropped. Now go to Squire and drop the sword. Talk to him and give him the sword and claim the reward. Then take the sword you dropped. Now you got one sword you can use yourself.

Guide credits
Guide originally written by: Lodve
Special thanks: Call Me Larry and Pineapple
Last update: 02-Jun-2010 00:44 by Mr Freeze
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