Lost City Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes



To start this quest you have to go Southeast of Draynor, where there are some non-player characters standing around a camp fire. Talk to the Warrior to begin the quest.

Needed skills:

  • Level 31 Crafting
  • Level 36 Woodcutting
  • Ablity to defeat a level 101 Tree Spirit without weapons or armour (runes can be used).

Needed items:

Recommended items:

  • Prayer potions
  • Runes for combat spells (fire spells are recommended)
  • It is recommended to bring Teleport runes (or use Home Teleport)


1. Talk to the Warrior who lives in a camp down in the Lumbridge swamp. Ask him what he is doing. He will say that he’s searching adventure. Continue talking, and he will let it slip that he’s looking for Zanaris. Ask him whom Zanaris is. He tells you that Zanaris is not really a person, but a hidden city full of treasures. Then ask him "How can you find it if its hidden"? He will describe your need to find a Leprechaun who's hiding around here.

2. Walk around and chop some trees, soon the Leprechaun will hop out from the tree, talk to him and he will tell you about the Dramen Staff. He tells you that the staff is cut from a branch from the Dramen tree. He then say’s the only tree on all of Runescape is located somewhere on Entrana.

3. Head to Draynor bank, and take out what you need. Runes for fire bolt work great against the spirit. There is a safe spot if you are maging, as runes are allowed on Entrana. Remember to deposit the hatchet, which is considered a weapon.

4. Now go to Port Sarim, speak to the Monks on the first dock to get a boat to Entrana. The monks will search you, so be sure to don't wear armour/weapons.

  • Note: Runes do NOT count as armour/weapons.

5. Once you are on Entrana, go east and then north up the island, till you come to a cave. A monk will stop you, telling you that your prayers do not work here, and you can’t come back up the ladder. The only way out (besides teleporting) is through the portal which leads to the wilderness!

  • NOTE: Once you've climbed the ladder, you cannot turn back!

6. When you come down you meet some zombies, kill some to get a bronze hatchet. In the next room there are some Greater Demons, run past them, and at the end you will see the Dramen tree.

7. Use your hatchet to chop it down, but when you try to cut, a level 101 spirit will suddenly appear. You have to kill him before you can cut the tree. If maging, there is a safe spot in between the three mushrooms were one could hide.

8. Once you have slain the spirit, you can cut down the tree. It is recommended that one gets a full inventory of branches, or as many as they can carry. That way if one of them is lost, the player will have a backup. Now teleport out.

9. Once you have teleported out, go back to the Lumbridge swamps. There is a shack on the east side of the swamp that contains the portal to Zanaris. To get into Zanaris, one must be wielding the Dramen staff. Once you walk into the door holding your staff, the quest is complete.

Congratulations! You have completed Lost City!

Quest completion scroll of Lost City

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Guide originally written by: ManJack, Aliensvortex, Kaleb
Special thanks: Daedra Sword
Last update: 28-May-2010 19:54 by Mr Freeze
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