Observatory Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: Yes



Speak to the Observatory Professor in the Observatory area north of Castle Wars [map] 

Needed skills:

  • Level 10 Crafting.
  • Ability to kill a level 42 goblin guard.

Needed items:


1. To start the quest, talk to the Observatory professor located in the Observatory north of Castle Wars, south-east from Ardougne [map]. Tell him that you would like to have a look through the telescope. Talk with him again and give him the planks. Talk to him once again to give him the bronze bar, and talk to him a final time to give him the molten glass.

2. The professor tells you that he needs a lens mould. Climb down the ladder in the house to enter a dungeon. The lens mould is in a cage in this dungeon, and you need a key to enter it. Use the map below to get to the south-eastern part of the dungeon and open the chest there. Search it, and you will find the key.

3. Head back to the cage where the lens mould is, and you will see a level 42 guarding the gate. You have to kill the goblin to enter the room.

4. Kill the goblin and use the Keep key on the Keep gate, and enter the room. Search the sacks in the room to find the lens mould.

5. When you have the lens mould, go to the entrance of the dungeon, climb up the ladder and talk to the professor to give him the mould. His crafting skill is not good enough to make the lens, so you'll have to do it. He gives you the molten glass. Use it with the lens mould to get a Lens. Talk to the professor again and give him the lens.

6. Enter the Observatory dungeon again, and use the Observatory dungeon map above to find the exit to the Observatory.

7. Once you are in the observatory, use the telescope. You will observe a random constellation. Close the window that will appear, and tell the professor that you can see a constellation. He tells you which constellation you observed, and you will complete the quest. The reward is based on the constellation you observed, and the constellation is random.

Quest completion scroll of Observatory Quest

The possible rewards are:

  • Aquarius: 25 Water runes
  • Aries: 875 Attack XP
  • Cancer: Amulet of protection
  • Capricorn: 875 Strength XP
  • Gemini: Black 2-handed sword and uncut sapphire
  • Leo: 875 Constituion XP
  • Libra: 3 Law runes
  • Pisces: 3 Cooked tunas and uncut sapphire
  • Sagittarius: Maple longbow
  • Scorpio: Weapon poison
  • Taurus: Super strength potion
  • Virgo: 875 Defence XP and uncut sapphire

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