Pirate's Treasure Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: No


  • 2 quest points
  • Gold Ring
  • Cut Emerald
  • 450 gp
  • Pay-fare option to and from Karamja


Redbeard Frank, outside the pub in Port Sarim [map].

Needed items:

Recommended items:

  • Teleport runes to Varrock and Falador (if you have the required magic level)


Getting the rum

1. To start, talk to Redbeard Frank outside the pub in Port Sarim [map]. Tell him that you're in search of a treasure. After you've talked to Redbeard Frank, go south-west to a sailor; either Seaman Lorris, Captain Tobias or Seaman Thresnor. Ask him if he can take you to Karamja. Pay him 30 gold and sail to Karamja.

2. Head to the bar, trade with Zambo and buy some Karamjan Rum, then go back to the dock.<

3. Find the small house near the docks, and ask Luthas if you could offer you an employment. When he agrees, go outside the house and to the west, where you will see a banana plantation. Pick 10 bananas and put them in the crate, then add the rum. Talk to Luthas when the crate is full, he will give you 30 gp for the work.

4. Go back to the sailor and sail to Port Sarim. Then, go to the food shop, and wear your apron. Open the door inside, but the shopkeeper will stop you. Ask him if you can have a job and he will say yes. Then, try to open the door again and search the crate. Now, you have the rum, so go to Redbeard Frank. He will give you the key to a chest.

Getting the map for the treasure

5. Teleport or walk to Varrock. Head south to the Blue moon, a big pub. Go upstairs and to the room with a chest. Open the chest with the key you got from Frank, and you will find a map for the treasure. Read it and it says: Visit the city of white knights, in the park saradomin points which mark the spot.

The treasure

6. The city of white knights is Falador. Teleport or walk to falador now, and remember your spade. Go to the big park. Look at your minimap, if you see a X go to the middle of it and dig. When you find the treasure, you will complete the quest. Congratulations!

Quest completion scroll of Pirate's Treasure

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Special thanks: Predator and Tristipen
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