Plague City Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 2425 Mining XP
  • A scroll granting you the ability to use the Ardougne teleport (level 51 magic required)


Speak to Edmond, north of the castle in Ardougne.

Needed items:


1. Speak to Edmond north of Ardougne castle to start the quest [map] and he will tell you to talk to his wife about making a Gasmask. Speak with Alrena insided the house and she will tell you that she needs dwellberries to make it. Go to McGrubor's Wood (the entrance is in the northern end of the wood) [map] and squeeze through the railing there. The dwellberries can be found on the ground. Go back to Alrena and give her the dwellberries in return for a Gasmask.

2. Now, pick up the picture of Elena on the table inside the house, and a spade if you don't have one. Be sure to have snape grass, chocolate, a pestle and mortar, a rope, the spade, and the buckets of water. Use the four buckets of water with the muddy patch in the garden, and then dig. You will find yourself in the sewers of Ardougne. Head southwest and use the rope on the grill in sewer pipe. Speak with Edmond again to ask him to help you pull the grill out. Now wear your Gasmask and then go back to the pipe and search it.

3. You're now in West Ardougne. Find Jethick in the main square where you are now, and speak with him. Be sure to have the picture of Elena with you. He will ask you to give back a book to the Rehnison Family where Elena used to stay.

4. Head north from the main square to find the Rehnison house. They will tell you that Elena isn't there, because she has been kidnapped and will tell you to talk to Milli, who is upstairs. She will tell you about a house without any windows in the south east part of West Ardounge with a cross on the door.

5. Go south to find the house which has guards outside the doors, and try open the west door. The mourner outside will tell you that you can't enter the house, because it's infected by the plague. Tell him that there is a kidnapped person there, and then ask to get in there anyway. He will refuse to let you in without a warrant from Bravek

6. Go back to the main square, and enter the house that is just north of it. Talk with the Clerk and tell him that you need to enter a plague house and that it's urgent. Go upstairs, and speak to Bravek. Tell him that it's really important. Bravek is unable to help you until he gets rid of his hangover so ask him about the cure and he will give you a scruffy note showing you how to make it. Use the pestle and mortar with the chocolate, then use it on the bucket of milk. Now add snape grass to make the Hangover cure. Speak to Bravek again, and you will give him the Hangover cure. Now, tell him that the mourners won't listen to you and he will give you the warrant

7. Return to the mourner's house and show the guard the warrant and then sneak past him. Go upstairs and search the barrels for a key. Go downstairs and use the key on the door to open Elena's cell. Speak to Elena and she will thank you before leaving. Return to the sewers and speak to Edmond to complete the quest. To leave the sewers just climb the mud pile.

Quest completion scroll of Plague City

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