Rune Mechanics Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: Yes



Speak to Apprentice Clerval in the Mage Training Arena's Basement (Al Kharid).

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:


Starting the quest

1. Speak to Apprentice Clerval in the basement of the Mage Training Arena to discover that he is trying to make a Rune Guardian. However to make it he needs your help. Accept to help him and he will ask you to persuade the more experienced wizards to help you - Wizard Shug, Wizard Dougal, and Wizard Edvin.

2. Wizard Shug can be found on the top floor, at the back of the library with the Rewards guardian. To be able to talk to him you will need to have gotten 5 Pizzazz points. Speak to him and make sure to keep him on topic and he will tell you that you need 2 enchanted emeralds and 20 Pure essence. In order to enchant the emeralds you must use the emeralds on the workbench behind Clerval in the basement. Take the emeralds and the 20 essence and give them to Clerval.

3. Speak to Wizard Dougal in the basement and choose to either compliment him or defend yourself. Eventually he will tell you that you need 5 body runes, 5 mind runes, and 5 steam runes. He provides you with 10 pure essence, a water and a fire talisman and a binding necklace. Go to the bank chest in the Duel Arena and withdraw the essence unnoted and 5 water runes. Put on the binding necklace and walk to the fire altar outside of the duel arena. Enter the altar and use the water runes on the fire altar to create steam runes. Walk back to Wizard Dougal and show him your runes, then give 5 mind, steam and body runes to Clerval.

4. Speak toWizard Edvin in the basement and he will you that he has a puzzle for you and only once you solve it will he reveal the information you seek and provide you with the tool in which to carve the pieces of a guardian. To solve the puzzle from the starting room, go through the west portal first, then the northern portal, then the north portal again, then through the northern portal once more. You should wind up in the end room.

The Final Steps

5.After giving Clerval all the items he needs he will tell you that you have to rewire the animation table. Afterwards Clerval will then tell you he is having trouble carving the guardian and he will hand you the carver and a lump of rune essence that you will have to carve. Simply use the carver on the rune essence and you will get the parts of the guardian. Talk to Clerval again to animate the guardian.

Quest completion scroll of Rune Mechanics

Extra Info

  • The Rune Guardian pet is 'fed' by charging it at a Runecrafting altar. The altar it is charged at also determines the colour it becomes.

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