Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: No


  • 1 quest point
  • 600 GP


Reldo in Varrock Castle.

Needed items:

100 gp should be enough.

Also, you'll need a friend to do the quest with (from the other gang)!


1. Go to the castle in Varrock, to the library in the north of it, and talk with Reldo. Ask him if he have any quests for you.

2. Now, search the bookcases where you are, and when you've found the book, read it and decide which side you want to join. Either, you can join the Phoenix Gang, or you can join the Black Arm Gang. Follow the walkthrough for the gang you want to join in the next steps.

Phoenix Gang

3. Talk to Reldo again. He'll tell you that he doesn't know anything about the Phoenix Gang, but that Baraek can tell you something.

4. Go to Baraek, which is standing on Varrock Marketplace. Be sure to have at least 20 GP with you know, else he will not tell you anything.

5. Now, head to their hideout, which is south in Varrock [map]. Go downstairs and talk to Straven. First, tell him that you know who they are. Then, tell him that you'd like to offer your services.

6. Now, head to the Varrock inn [map] and kill Johnny the Beard (level 2). Pick up the scroll, and head back to the Phoenix Hideout and talk to Straven again. You'll now get the key to the Phoenix Gang Weapon Storage.

7. Enter the hideout, and go to the south-east of it, and open the chest.

Black Arms Gang

3. Talk to the Tramp south in Varrock, just by the southern entrance. Ask him if there is something down the alleyway, and he'll tell you about the Black Arm Gang.

4. Head to the large house behind the Tramp [map]. Talk with Katrine, tell her that you know that it's the black arms gang, then say that you don't want to reveal your secrets. Then say that you want to become a member of their gang. Then tell her that you're up for a challenge. You'll need to bring back two Phoenix Crossbows to her.

5. Now, find your friend in the Phoenix Gang. You need the key that he/she has to the Storage Room. When you have it, go east of the Phoenix Hideout [map], and climb upstairs. A weapon master in level 23 will attack you, simply kill him and pick up two crossbows.

6. Head back to the Black Arms Gang hideout, talk to Katrine, and you'll give her the crossbows.

7. Enter the hideout, go upstairs, and find the cupboard. Open it and search it. If it's not in the cupboard, search the chests and boxes until you find it.

Ending the Quest

8. Now, find your friend again. You or your friend have to give his/her/your part of the Shield of Arrav. Then, head to the Curator in Varrock Museum, east of Varrock Castle [map]. The person with the parts needs to give it to the curator. This person will get two certificates, and he/she have to give the second sertificate to his friend. Then, the friend that just got a certificate, have to talk to the Curator.

9. Now, go to Varrock Castle and talk with the king to get your reward.

Quest completion scroll of Shield of Arrav

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