Shilo Village Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 3875 Crafting XP
  • Access to Shilo Village
  • Ability to mine Shilo Village gem rocks.


Mosul Rei just outside Shilo Village [map].

Needed quests:

Needed items:

(Items marked with and asterisk (*) can be bought at step 3 during the quest if you don't have it)

Recommended items:

  • Good armour
  • Prayer potions
  • Lots of good food (lobsters or better)
  • An Anti-Potion


1. Talk to Mosul Rei just outside Shilo Village [map]. He will tell you that the village has been overrun by zombies and tell you to run for your life. After some talking, he'll give you a Wampum Belt, and tell you to give it to Trufitus.

Mosul Rei

NOTE: When doing the quest, be sure to select all options you can when talking to Trufitus, and read all of the scrolls you get.

2. Trufitus is found in Tai Bwo Wannai, he's the one where you started the Jungle Potion quest [map]. Give him the Wampum Belt, and ask all of the questions. He will then tell you about the Temple of Ah-Za Rhoon. Tell him that you'll search the temple.


3. If you don't have the items that can be bought at the General Store northwest of Trufitus, buy them now. [map] Items you can buy here:

  • Candle / Torch (and a tinderbox to light it)
  • Spade (can be bought at any farming shop)
  • Rope
  • Chisel
  • Hammer

(note: you cannot buy bronze bars here and the 3 bones can be received from monsters along the way) Then, head straight east until you reach the river. Follow it to the south until you reach a log crossing the river. Balance over it (You may fail and get hurt), and continue south, until you see a Mound of Earth. Dig on the spot with your spade, and a Fissure will appear.

4. Use your Lit Candle/Torch on the Fissure, and then use a Rope on it. Climb down, and go south until you find the Cave-In (on the west wall). Search it, then enter it.

Note: If you kill the Undead Ones, run away immediately as a poisonous gas cloud will billow out of the monster.

5. Head north, and in the North-west corner, you will see some Loose Rocks. Search them, and you will find a Scroll.

6. Continue to the South-east corner, and you will find some Sacks. Search them, and get another Scroll.

7. Continue to the North passage, you will see some Gallows at the top. Search it, and you will get some Remains. Go back to the first part of the dungeon (before you enter the cave in), and find a table. Craft it into a raft, and you will be south of where you entered the dungeon. Go north, cross the Log, and head to Trufitus.

8. When you're back in Trufitus' hut, use the scrolls and remains on him. Then, read the scrolls yourself.

9. Go west of Trufitus' hut, and you'll see a Tribal Statue. Bury the corpse in the front of it, and the ghost of Zadimus will appear. He will give you a bone standard. Head back to Trufitus, and tell him that you buried the remains. He will tell you that you need to find a tomb.

10. Go South-west until you reach an island, called Cairn Isle [map]. Climb the rocks, and cross the river. Head to the north, and search the rock. Once you've entered, go to the other end of the small cave, and search the Tomb Dolman. You will find a Sword Pommel and Locating Crystal. Search it again to find Bervirius' Notes.

11. Head back to Trufitus, and use the items on him. He'll tell you to make make a bronze necklace before exploring Rashiliyia's Tomb.

12. Go to the Anvil in Tai Bwo Wannai, the village you are in now. Use the Chisel on the Sword Pommel. Then, smith a Bronze Wire out of your Bronze Bar. Use the Bronze Wire with the Beads, and you will get some Beads of Dead. Head back to Trufitus, and use the Beads of Dead with him. He'll now tell you that it will protect you against Rashiliya.

13. Go east of the village, follow the river to the south, and cross the Log again. This time, go North, until you find a Foliage on the ground. Search them, and you will find a large wooden doorway. Use the Chisel on the Bone Shard to get the key to open the door. Wear the Beads of Dead necklace. Use the key on the door to unlock it, and go inside. Ignore what you will say ("I'm too young to die" etc). Remember to NOT drop your key, you will need it to exit.

The fight is in next step. Be sure to be prepared. You will have to fight 3 monsters consecutively! (level 91-68-93)

14. Take the path to the west, then to the south, and then the first to the south-west. Kill some skeletons or zombies to get 3 bones if you don't already have them. Use them on the door to open it. Look at the tomb dolmen, and the ground will begin to shake. Defeat the monsters, and Rashiliyia's bones will appear on the dolmen. Pick them up.

15. Now, go to the Tomb you visited in step 4-7 (The one south of the Log). Use the corpse on the Dolmen, and you will complete the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Shilo Village

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