Tower of Life Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: Yes



Talk to Effigy, who is standing west of the Tower of Life south of Ardougne together with two other Alchemists.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:


Needed items:

Beer, Hammer and a Saw


1. To start out, talk to Effigy, a little west to the Tower of life, which is just south of Ardougne, near the Necromancers' Tower. Effigy will tell you the builders are refusing to work, agree to help him and he will ask you to go and talk to Bonafido.

2. Bonafido is relaxing just off the towers' entrance. He says he and his men refuse to go in there, but you can go in if you look like a builder, so you will need to get a builders' outfit.

3. Talk to Black-Eye to get a helm, he will ask you some technical questions about construction:

  • How many nails do you need to construct a rocking chair? Answer: 3
  • What needs 3 nails, 3 bolts of cloth, 3 planks and keeps the light out? Answer: torn curtains.
  • What is needed to construct a place for my fishes in my garden? Answer: 10 soft clay.

4. Now go and talk to The Guns, he is ok with giving you his shirt, in exchange for a beer. Hand him your beer to receive his shirt.

5. Go and talk to Gummy for a pair of trousers. Gummy has lost his trousers in a storm, just search the plants around the tower until you find them.

6. No fingers has some builders' boots, but he does not want to give them to you, so you will need to pickpocket him to get some (this is where a high thieving level comes in handy).

7. Go and talk to Bonafido again, he will test if you have the "real builders' spirit" by asking you some easy questions:

  • You've plenty of work to do, but you need a drink fast, what do you go for? answer: tea
  • Now, let's hear your whistle. Answer: whistle for attention
  • What's a good sign that you need to replace your trousers? answer: Your legs are getting a bit cold.
  • What do you do if you hurt your finger? answer: Carry on, it'll fix itself.

8. After you have answered all questions right, you may enter the tower. On the bottom floor, you will see several crates, which contain all materials you will need to fix the tower, but at first go upstairs. Each upper floor has something which is not repaired yet, so you will need to fix them using the materials in the crates downstairs.

9. On the second floor, you will find a broken pressure machine; to fix it you will need 4 coloured balls, 3 pieces of metal sheeting and 4 valve wheels. When you have collected those from the crates downstairs, go up and fix the machine.

10. Now you will need to solve a little puzzle, as the pipes have holes in them. The coloured balls are already in the pipes, and you will need to block the holes with them. It's not hard at all. If you turn a wheel to the right, you will notice that the liquid level in the pipe rises. If you turn the wheel to the left, it will be lowered. Also, there are two levers in the middle, which block the wheels:

  • Left down: 1 blocked
  • Left up: 2 blocked
  • Right down: 3 blocked
  • Right up: 4 blocked

Using this information, it is quite easy to get the balls blocking the holes, just get the ball past the hole raising the liquid level, and then get it to block the hole by lowering the level a little bit. After blocking the holes, max out the liquid level on all pipes in order to complete the puzzle.

11. The next one is a pipe machine on the third floor. To fix it, you will need 6 rivets, 4 metal pipes and 5 metal rings. You can collect all those from the crates downstairs again, and then complete the machine.

12. Before the machine is ready to work, you will need to put several pipes in the right place, here is a picture of the solved puzzle:

13. Now it's time to finish the cage on the top floor, you will need to collect 5 metal bars and four bottles of binding fluid from the crates to complete the cage.

14. Of course you can not just complete the cage, there is a little puzzle. Here are two rules of thumb to solve it:

  • The lenght of normal pieces (between two connection points) is 2.
  • If a bar runs through a connection point, it is always longer than two.

15. Now go down and talk to Effigy, he and his alchemists will go up, and you'd better follow them. On the top floor, they will perform a ritual and shape some creature. Of course the creature gets angry, and you all leave the top floor, go and talk to Effigy again.

16. Effigy asks you to go back up and talk to the creature, go up now.

17. This is where it gets a little tricky, you'll have to answer the creatures' questions with either logic or magical answers. It does not matter which kind of answers you chose, but once you're picked one kind, stick to it. You will see the same questions come by a few times, always give the same answer. In the upper left corner of the screen, you will see a bar which indicates how the logic/magic balance is. Once you're reached one of the two extremes, the creature will thank you and ask to go down with it to teach the alchemists a lesson.

18. Go down, talk to Effigy, and watch the funny cutscene, the creature will ask you to meet it in the dungeon under the tower, now go there.

19. Talk to the creature in the dungeon and complete the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Tower of Life

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