Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 11,450 Attack XP
  • Gnome Amulet of Protection
  • Ability to use spirit trees


Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village.

Needed skills:

You must be able to defeat a Warlord (level 112).

Needed items:

  • 6 regular logs


1. To enter the maze [map], find Elkoy in the northwest of the maze near the entrance. He'll invite you to try the maze. Make your way through the maze until you reach a loose fence.

Climb over the loose fence, and head to the quest startpoint, and talk to King Bolren. He will tell you that you need a Protection Orb, that the Khazard Troops have stolen. A gnome will then lead you to the battlefield.

2. Go north of the Battlefield, and talk to Commander Montai. He will tell you that he needs 6 logs. If you have the logs, talk to him again. He thanks you. Talk to him yet again, and he'll ask you you to find out the coordinates from his trackers for the ballista.

3. Go north, and you'll find the first tracker in a building. He will tell you the Y-coordinate, which is 5.

4. Now, go west, above the long building, and you will see the gnome along the wall. He will tell you that the height coordinate is 4.

5. Head south to find the third tracker. He has gone mad, and will say lots of garbage. Anyway, what he's telling you, is that the X-coordinate is 3.

6. Now, go to the gnome side of the battlefield, and find the Ballista. Fire it. You will have to enter the right coordinates:

  • Height - 4
  • X - 3
  • Y - 5

If the coordinate is wrong, just try again until you find the right one.

7. Go up to the Khazard part of the battlefield. Go to the main building in the northwest, and climb-over the crumbling wall. A level 48 Khazard Commander will attack you. After you've killed him, go upstairs and another commander will attack you. Once you've killed him, open the chest in the northeast, search it, and you'll find the Protection Orb.

8. Get back to the maze. Talk to Elkoy to be led through the maze, and then head to King Bolren. He will thank you, but he will also tell you that the other 2 orbs has been taken.

9. Head northwest of the battlefield, past the wolves (level 64), and find the Khazard Warlord (level 112). Talk to him, and then kill him. You will get the two remaining orbs.

10. Head back to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village to get the reward.

Quest completion scroll of Tree Gnome Village

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Special thanks: Pineapple, Call Me Larry
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