Tribal Totem Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 1775 Thieving XP
  • 5 Swordfish
  • Access to Handelmort's garden to train on dogs


Kangai Mau in Brimhaven

Needed skills:

Needed items:

  • Coins to travel to Karamja and to Ardougne (use the ship, 30 coins per trip).
  • Amulet of Glory is recommended (for teleporting to Karamja), but not needed


1. Go to Kangui Mau in Brimhaven. He will tell you that Lord Handlemort took his Totem and he wants it back.

2. Make your way to Ardougne. You can teleport there or use the boat. Head west of the market area and you'll see a big mansion with a caretaker and guard dogs. Go inside and talk to a guy named Horacio.

If you talk to him you'll get some information out of him, like the whole place has security and the password to the door is Lord Handlemort's middle name.

3. Go to Wizard Cromperty's house. It's the house with the blue flooring northeast of the market. Talk to him and and ask him to teleport you. (Not the first time for rune essence, but anytime after that.)

4. He'll teleport you inside the RPDT depot. There are two crates two investigate. Investigate the Northern one. You then take off the label of the northern one and put it on the southern one.

5. Ask the RPDT employee to deliver the boxes.

6. Now go north to the real estate office and get a guide book. Read it and you'll find out that Kurt is the middle name of Lord Handlemort.

7. Now head to Wizard Cromperty and ask him to teleport you again. This time he'll teleport you inside the mansion. Go toward the western door that leads to the staircase. But if you try to open it, there's a four-letter password you must crack. You of course know it's Kurt.

8. Now investigate the staircase before you go up it. (I learned this the hard way.) After you investigate it you can go up the staircase. You'll see the chest. Open the chest and get the totem pole.

9. Go back to Kangui Mau and give him the totem pole. He's so happy you got his totem pole back he'll even give you Fish with the thieving experience.

Quest completion scroll of Tribal Totem

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