Waterfall Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 13,750 Attack XP
  • 13,750 Strength XP
  • 2 cut diamonds
  • 2 gold bars
  • 40 mithril seeds (allows you to grow flowers wherever you want, this is not a part of the Farming skill)


North of Baxtorian Falls, talk to Almera [map].

Needed items:

  • Rope (You should have more than one, just in case. Can be bought from Ned in Draynor Village for 15 gp each)
  • 6 Air Runes
  • 6 Water Runes
  • 6 Earth Runes

Recommended items:

  • Good weapon and armour
  • Prayer Potion
  • Food


1. Almera [map] tells you that her boy is looking for a treasure in the waterfall. After talking to her, head to the back of her house, and board the raft.

2. You will end up on an island with a bare tree. The boy, Hudan, is also there, so talk to him.

3. After you've talked to the boy, use the Rope with the large rock, then with the dead tree, and you will end up at the entrance of the Waterfall dungeon. Do not enter it (you will be hurt), but jump in the barrel and you will fall down the waterfall.

4. Go just north of where you ended up, and you should see a house. Inside is Hadley, talk to him. He will tell you that the area is beautiful and tell you about the life of Baxtorian and his wife.

5. Then, go upstairs and search the bookcase, and you will find a book named "Book on Baxtorian". Read it, then speak to Hadley again. (If you want, you can go look at the grave of the lady, and you will notice that the tomb has a hole for a pebble. You must get this pebble. But this is NOT required.)

6. The pebble is found in Tree Gnome Village, directly west of the fight arena. To get inside the village, you must go through a hedge maze.

Make your way through the maze until you are south of the Gnome Village, and you will see a ladder. Go down the ladder, into the small dungeon. Then, go east and search the crates/boxes until you find a key.

Then, go to the west side now and open the jail door, by using the big key on the gate. Talk to Golrie, and he will drop lots of junk. Search it to find Glarial's Pebble.

7. Go back to Ardougne and bank all of your armour, weapons and runes that are in your inventory. Bring food and the pebble.

8. Head to the Tombstone of Glorial, just north-east of Hadley's tourist info center. Use the pebble on the grave and you will go inside. Note that if you have any armour or runes, you will not be able to get in!

9. Once you're in the cave, open and search the chest to get Glarial's Amulet. Then, go to the coffin south of the ladder, and open it. You will get Glarial's Urn.

10. Exit the tomb, and head back to the bank, and take weapons, armours and food. Prayer Restore Potions are also a good idea, since there will be Shadow Spiders draining your prayer. Also, withdraw your Air, Water and Earth runes. Wear the Amulet, and remember to take the Urn with you, too.

11. Head back to Almera's House (where you started the quest), and take the raft from behind the house. Just as before, use the rope on the rock to get across, then with the tree. Now, go inside the Waterfall Dungeon.

12. There are three different paths. First, head to the east, past the Shadow Spiders (level 52), and enter the room where there are also Skeleton Mages (level 16) and Skeletons (level 45). Go to the north part of it, and search the crates to find a key.

13. Go back to the entrance, and take the path to the west, and run past the Fire Giants (level 86) - unless you want to fight them. Go to the door in the north, and use the key you just found with it. Then, pick up the next key to use it on the next door. You will enter a room with 6 pillars.

14. Use one Air, Water and Earth rune on each of them. Then, unequip Glarial's Amulet, and use it on the Statue of Glarial. Then, use the Urn with the Chalice, and you will complete the quest.

NOTE: DO NOT TRY TO TAKE THE CHALICE!!! If you do, you will be swept away, and you will need to get another amulet and start the quest again! (You won't need to place the runes again though)

To get out of the dungeon, either teleport, or exit it and jump in the barrel like you did earlier in the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Waterfall Quest

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Special thanks: Nightmare, Alf, Shane the Pain
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