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Agility potion
Agility potionMembers only187 gpPotions
Attack potion
Attack potionMembers only187 gpPotions
Avantoe potion (unf)
Avantoe potion (unf)Members only5,176 gpPotions
Combat potion
Combat potionMembers only146 gpPotions
Energy potion
Energy potionMembers only38 gpPotions
Fishing potion
Fishing potionMembers only146 gpPotions
Kwuarm potion(unf)
Kwuarm potion(unf)Members only3,815 gpPotions
Potion 272 gpPotions
Prayer potion
Prayer potionMembers only5,233 gpPotions
Ranarr potion(unf)
Ranarr potion(unf)Members only5,713 gpPotions
Ranging potion
Ranging potionMembers only3,441 gpPotions
Restore potion
Restore potionMembers only136 gpPotions
Shrink-me-quickMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradablePotions
Snapdragon potion (unf)
Snapdragon potion (unf)Members only16.2kPotions
Strength potion
Strength potion 1,004 gpPotions
Summoning potion
Summoning potionMembers only3,157 gpPotions
Super antipoison
Super antipoisonMembers only1,872 gpPotions
Super attack potion
Super attack potionMembers only1,103 gpPotions
Super energy potion
Super energy potionMembers only2,209 gpPotions
Super strength potion
Super strength potionMembers only3,137 gpPotions
Weapon poison
Weapon poisonMembers only68 gpPotions
Weapon poison+
Weapon poison+Members only556 gpPotions
Weapon poison++
Weapon poison++Members only7,486 gpPotions
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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