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'perfect' necklace
'perfect' necklaceMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
'perfect' ring
'perfect' ringMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
10th squad sigil
10th squad sigilMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
3rd age amulet
3rd age amuletMembers only12.9mJewellery
Air tiara
Air tiara 36 gpJewellery
Amulet of accuracy
Amulet of accuracy 3,252 gpJewellery
Amulet of defence
Amulet of defence 852 gpJewellery
Amulet of fury
Amulet of furyMembers only12.2mJewellery
Amulet of glory
Amulet of gloryMembers only70.7kJewellery
Amulet of glory(t)
Amulet of glory(t)Members only295.8kJewellery
Amulet of magic
Amulet of magic 427 gpJewellery
Amulet of magic(t)
Amulet of magic(t) 170.1kJewellery
Amulet of nature
Amulet of natureMembers onlyNot tradableJewellery
Amulet of power
Amulet of power 3,685 gpJewellery
Amulet of ranging
Amulet of rangingMembers only902.5kJewellery
Amulet of strength
Amulet of strength 2,339 gpJewellery
Archers ring
Archers ringMembers only1.5mJewellery
Armadyl pendant
Armadyl pendantMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Beacon ring
Beacon ringMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Beads of the dead
Beads of the deadMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Berserker necklace
Berserker necklaceMembers only2.3mJewellery
Berserker ring
Berserker ringMembers only4mJewellery
Binding necklace
Binding necklaceMembers only742 gpJewellery
Blood tiara
Blood tiaraMembers only29.4kJewellery
Body tiara
Body tiara 20 gpJewellery
Bracelet of clay
Bracelet of clayMembers only632 gpJewellery
Brass necklace
Brass necklace 51 gpJewellery
Castlewar brace
Castlewar braceMembers only1,064 gpJewellery
Cat training medal
Cat training medalMembers onlyNot tradableJewellery
Chaos tiara
Chaos tiaraMembers only221 gpJewellery
Combat bracelet
Combat braceletMembers only25.8kJewellery
Cosmic tiara
Cosmic tiaraMembers only40 gpJewellery
Death tiara
Death tiaraMembers only1,374 gpJewellery
Diamond amulet
Diamond amulet 3,611 gpJewellery
Diamond amulet (unstrung)
Diamond amulet (unstrung) 3,682 gpJewellery
Diamond bracelet
Diamond braceletMembers only4,907 gpJewellery
Diamond necklace
Diamond necklace 6,760 gpJewellery
Diamond ring
Diamond ring 7,003 gpJewellery
Dragon bracelet
Dragon braceletMembers only52.3kJewellery
Dragon necklace
Dragon necklaceMembers only23.1kJewellery
Dragonstone ammy (unstrung)
Dragonstone ammy (unstrung)Members only63.1kJewellery
Dragonstone amulet
Dragonstone amuletMembers only71.5kJewellery
Dragonstone ring
Dragonstone ringMembers only64.7kJewellery
Earth tiara
Earth tiara 29 gpJewellery
Emerald amulet
Emerald amulet 659 gpJewellery
Emerald amulet (unstrung)
Emerald amulet (unstrung) 808 gpJewellery
Emerald bracelet
Emerald braceletMembers only1,577 gpJewellery
Emerald necklace
Emerald necklace 846 gpJewellery
Emerald ring
Emerald ring 969 gpJewellery
Explorer's ring 1
Explorer's ring 1 Not tradableJewellery
Explorer's ring 2
Explorer's ring 2 Not tradableJewellery
Explorer's ring 3
Explorer's ring 3 Not tradableJewellery
Fire tiara
Fire tiara 659 gpJewellery
Forinthry brace
Forinthry braceMembers only2,357 gpJewellery
Games necklace
Games necklaceMembers only880 gpJewellery
Ghostspeak amulet
Ghostspeak amuletQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Gnome scarf
Gnome scarfMembers only1.3mJewellery
Gold amulet
Gold amulet 134 gpJewellery
Gold bracelet
Gold braceletMembers only210 gpJewellery
Gold necklace
Gold necklace 170 gpJewellery
Gold ring
Gold ring 147 gpJewellery
Holy symbol
Holy symbol 138 gpJewellery
Inoculation brace
Inoculation braceMembers only1,381 gpJewellery
Law tiara
Law tiaraMembers only176 gpJewellery
Lunar amulet
Lunar amuletMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Lunar ring
Lunar ringMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
M'speak amulet
M'speak amuletMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Mind tiara
Mind tiara 79 gpJewellery
Nature tiara
Nature tiaraMembers only554 gpJewellery
Onyx amulet
Onyx amuletMembers only17.5mJewellery
Onyx amulet (unstrung)
Onyx amulet (unstrung)Members only11.6mJewellery
Onyx bracelet
Onyx braceletMembers only760.3kJewellery
Onyx Necklace
Onyx NecklaceMembers only3.1mJewellery
Onyx Ring
Onyx RingMembers only13.4mJewellery
Regen bracelet
Regen braceletMembers only138.2kJewellery
Ring of duelling
Ring of duellingMembers only1,739 gpJewellery
Ring of fire
Ring of fireMembers onlyNot tradableJewellery
Ring of forging
Ring of forgingMembers only1,071 gpJewellery
Ring of life
Ring of lifeMembers only7,278 gpJewellery
Ring of recoil
Ring of recoilMembers only1,036 gpJewellery
Ring of Stone
Ring of StoneMembers only508.1kJewellery
Ring of wealth
Ring of wealthMembers only10.6kJewellery
Royal amulet
Royal amuletMembers only59.6kJewellery
Ruby amulet
Ruby amulet 2,017 gpJewellery
Ruby amulet (unstrung)
Ruby amulet (unstrung) 3,733 gpJewellery
Ruby bracelet
Ruby braceletMembers only1,240 gpJewellery
Ruby necklace
Ruby necklace 1,184 gpJewellery
Ruby ring
Ruby ring 1,105 gpJewellery
Sapphire amulet
Sapphire amulet 425 gpJewellery
Sapphire amulet (unstrung)
Sapphire amulet (unstrung) 432 gpJewellery
Sapphire bracelet
Sapphire braceletMembers only582 gpJewellery
Sapphire necklace
Sapphire necklace 503 gpJewellery
Sapphire ring
Sapphire ring 625 gpJewellery
Seers' Ring
Seers' RingMembers only491.1kJewellery
Strength amulet(t)
Strength amulet(t)Members only744.4kJewellery
Tiara 20 gpJewellery
Unholy symbol
Unholy symbolMembers only110 gpJewellery
Unstrung emblem
Unstrung emblemMembers only289 gpJewellery
Unstrung symbol
Unstrung symbol 111 gpJewellery
Warrior ring
Warrior ringMembers only485.5kJewellery
Water tiara
Water tiara 5,994 gpJewellery
Yin yang amulet
Yin yang amulet Not tradableJewellery
Zamorak stole
Zamorak stoleMembers only82.6kJewellery
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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