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Vampire dust
Vampire dustMembers only253 gpMiscellaneous
Vampire touch scroll
Vampire touch scrollMembers only96 gpSummoning
Varrock armour 1
Varrock armour 1Members onlyNot tradableMetal armour
Varrock armour 3
Varrock armour 3Members onlyNot tradableMetal armour
Verac's brassard
Verac's brassardMembers only405.8kMetal armour
Verac's flail
Verac's flailMembers only136.1k2h melee weapons
Verac's helm
Verac's helmMembers only2.6mMetal armour
Verac's plateskirt
Verac's plateskirtMembers only1.6mMetal armour
Vermilion afro
Vermilion afro 68 gpClothing
Vial 8 gpTools
Vial of water
Vial of water 40 gpMiscellaneous
Violet afro
Violet afro 79 gpClothing
VodkaMembers only203 gpAlcoholic drinks
Void mage helm
Void mage helmMembers onlyNot tradableMagical armour
Voting hat (blue)
Voting hat (blue) N/AClothing
Voting hat (red)
Voting hat (red) N/AClothing
Vyrewatch legs
Vyrewatch legsMembers only950 gpClothing
Vyrewatch shoes
Vyrewatch shoesMembers only950 gpClothing
Vyrewatch top
Vyrewatch topMembers only950 gpClothing
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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