Agility is a members only skill which allows you to swing ropes, climb over piles of rocks, squeeze through pipes, balance over logs and much more! Just be sure to complete all the obstacles in a course in order and at least once per lap to get the lap bonus!!

This skill also affects your energy. So, if you have a high agility level, your energy restores faster, which means that you will be able to run longer, so you can do more in less time. Also, many quests require agility skills.

Lastly, this skill can give you access to many areas, especially special training areas made for people with high agility! For instance, the Agility Dungeon in Yanille is a perfect place for people who love Herblore, and the training areas are of course less crowded!

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

The Gnome Stronghold is the best place to train when you are level 1, and this is where most of the people start.

There are obstacles you will have to pass. The obstacles are explained below:

  1. Cross the log balance carefully to start
  2. Climb-over the obstacle net up to the tree platform
  3. Climb the Tree Branch to get higher in the tree
  4. Walk-on the Balancing Rope to get to the other side
  5. Climb-Down the Tree Branch on the platform you're standing on
  6. Climb-Over the Obstacle Net (Don't run around it!)
  7. Squeeze-Through one of the Obstacle Pipes
  8. You're finished! Do it again if you wish to!

Remember to not listen to the gnomes, they just want you to do it faster. But they will always tell you the same things, so just ignore them and don't get angry! Also, remember that you can't fail any of the obstacles, so it's not dangerous at all!

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course
Obstacle Earned XP
Log Balance 7.5
Obstacle Net 7.5
Tree Branch 5
Balancing Rope 7.5
Tree Branch 5
Obstacle Net 7.5
Obstacle Pipe 7.5
Completion Bonus 45
Total Course XP 92.5

Agility Pyramid

Located deep in southern Kharidian Desert is the Agility Pyramid. The quickest method of traveling there is to take the magic carpet(or slayer ring teleport) to Pollnivneach, then take the magic carpet to Sophanem. This course requires 30 Agility and to stay for any length of time you will also need desert robes and filled waterskins. Using an enchanted water tiara can alleviate the need for waterskins. Another commonly used method is taking advantage of the Lunar spell Humidify, which allows you to replenish your empty waterskins. The object in this course is to try to reach an artifact that you can trade in for 1000 coins.

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Agility Pyramid Floor 1
Obstacle Earned XP
Rolling Block 12
Low Wall 8
Ledge 52
Sliding Block 0
Plank 56.4
Rolling Block 12
Cross Gap 56.4
Ledge 52
Completion Bonus 0
Total Course XP 248.8
Agility Pyramid Floor 2
Obstacle Earned XP
Cross Gap 56.4
Jump Gap 22
Cross Gap 56.4
Rolling Block 12
Ledge 52
Low Wall 8
Jump Gap 22
Completion Bonus 0
Total Course XP 477.6
Agility Pyramid Floor 3
Obstacle Earned XP
Low Wall 8
Ledge 52
Sliding Block 0
Jump Gap 22
Cross Plank 56.4
Completion Bonus 0
Total Course XP 616
Agility Pyramid Floor 4
Obstacle Earned XP
Jump Gap 22
Rolling Block 12
Jump Gap 22
Low Wall 8
Completion Bonus 0
Total Course XP 680
Agility Pyramid Floor 5
Obstacle Earned XP
Climbing Rocks *Artifact*
Rolling Block 12
Jump Gap 22
Completion Bonus 300
Total Course XP 1014

Penguin Agility Course

This course requires 30 Agility, completion of the Cold War quest, and a penguin suit (made in a POH with a clockwork, plank, and silk). The easiest way of reaching the penguin outpost is to use the fairy ring teleport (DKS). Other methods are to use a house teleport (if your house is in Rellekka), slayer ring teleport, or an enchanted lyre teleport, then walk northeast to the boat.

Upon reaching the iceberg, speak with Larry or Chuck and have them use the shrinking spell on you. Ensure that you have plenty of food and that you did not bring any sort of weapons, shields, or a cape (basically just come naked with weight reducing gear other than a cape).

The Course explained:

  1. Jump in the water and swim, avoiding the icebergs
  2. Climb onto the stepping stone and jump along them to the shore
  3. Walk past the icicles
  4. Slide down the slope
  5. Exit at the gate

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Penguin Agility Course
Obstacle Earned XP
Crushers 55
Stepping Stones 80
Icicles 40*4=160
Ice Slope 180
Ramp Jumps 0
Completion Bonus 65
Total Course XP 540

Barbarian Outpost Agility Course

To do the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course, you will need 35 Agility. Also, you must have completed The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. Once you've completed it, you can enter the Agility Course by crawling through the Obstacle Pipe (This is not a part of the course!). The course is located northeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. [map].

Also, there are obstacles that are failable in this course, and you will have to do them again until you manage to pass through it!

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Barbarian Outpost Course
Obstacle Earned XP Failable
Obstacle Pipe 10 No
Ropeswing 20 Yes
Log Balance 12.5 Yes
Obstacle Net 7.5 No
Balancing Ledge 20 Yes
Crumbling Wall (1) 12.5 (37.5 tot.) No
Completion Bonus 57 -
Total Course XP 139.5 -

Brimhaven Agility Arena

The Brimhaven Agility Arena is located north-east in Brimhaven, which is a town on Karamja [map].

Cap'n Izzy No-Beard discovered the ancient ruins of a cavern full of platform exists. Now you can have fun training your agility, and this is one of the most exciting places to do it! To access, you will have to pay Cap'n Izzy 200gp. Also, it is suggested to bring lots of food, because all of the obstacles are failable! Lastly, teleport runes are a good idea, because you can accidentally run out of food, and then you will have to wait until you get more life points or take suicide!

The object of this game is to get to the red blinking arrow, and take a ticket at the dispenser. However, you will have maximum 60 seconds to get to the Ticket Dispenser before the arrow moves! When you are standing on the right platform, the arrow will be yellow.

You will get an Agility Ticket by clicking on the Ticket Dispenser if it's the right one. (You won't get a ticket from the first dispenser though).

To make the game easier for you, we have mapped the whole Arena. Note that this map is twice as big as real size. (200%)

If you fail, you will lose between 20 and 60 life points. Note that if you have just a few life points, you will lose less than if you were fully healed.

Also, when your level increases, you will be able to cross more obstacles:

  • Green obstacles require agility level 1
  • Blue obstacles require agility level 20
  • Red obstacles require agility level 40

Agility Arena Map

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Earned XP for Agility Arena Obstacles
Obstacle Earned XP
Balancing Ledge 16
Balancing Rope 10
Blade 0
Darts* 30
Floor Spikes 24
Hand Holds 22
Log Balance 12
Low Wall 8
Monkey Bars 14
Pillar 18
Plank** 6
Pressure Pad 26
Rope Swing 20
Spinning Blade 28
* If you fail to pass the darts, your agility will temporarily be lowered by 1-3 levels. Note that Stat Restore Potion does NOT recover the lost agility levels!
    • There are 3 planks, but only ONE of them can be crossed. Look carefully before crossing to find the one that's not crooked!

You can either get experience or items with the Agility Arena tickets you earn. To do this, you will have to speak to Pirate Jackie the Fruit who is standing outside the hut.

Agility Arena ticket exchange

Agility Arena Ticket Exchange
Needed tickets Reward Per ticket / Info
1 240 XP 240 XP
10 2,480 XP 248 XP
25 6,500 XP 260 XP
100 28,000 XP 280 XP
1000 320,000 XP 320 XP
3 Toadflax Herb, used in Herblore
10 Snapdragon Herb, used in Herblore
800 Pirate's Hook Wield as gloves*
* The defence stats are: Stab-1; slash-5; crush-3; magic-0; range-0

Ape Atoll Agility Course

The Ape Atoll course is one of the most popular courses that almost everyone with a high Agility level has trained through. There are some requirements to be able to access the course however. First you must have completed the Monkey Madness quest. You must have 48 agility and be wielding a Ninja Greegee.

There is a pineapple plant you can use to heal from, so bring a knife and you'll never have to bank for food! Because of this, it's possible to come here at 48 agility and stay indefinitely, though you will still fail a decent bit at that level. At level 75, you will attain a 100% chance of successfully crossing any obstacle. At level 70, the chances are significantly increased to succeed.

There are obstacles you will have to pass. The obstacles are explained below:

  1. Jump to the stepping stones and to land
  2. Climb the tree
  3. Swing across the monkey bars
  4. Climb up the slope filled with skulls
  5. Run to and use the rope swing
  6. Climb down the vine tied to the trees

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Ape Atoll Agility Course
Obstacle Earned XP
Stepping Stones 40
Climb Tree 40
Monkey Bars 40
Skull Slope 60
Vine 100
Completion Bonus 300
Total Course XP 580

Wilderness Agility Course

The Wilderness Agility Course is located deep in the Wilderness, level 50-55, so you should always look out for revenants and never bring anything valuable. Remember this:

  • A knife or sword to cut the webs. You will have to bank from time to time, either Mage Arena (suggested) or Ardougne. Both have nets you will have to cut.
  • Lots of decent food, if any PKers appear, or to heal yourself since many obstacles are failable
  • Boots of lightness (not needed, but very useful since it lowers your total weight)
  • NO ARMOUR (this would not be very useful anyway)
  • NO TELEPORT runes - you can't teleport that deep in wilderness.

But should you train here? It is very dangerous, and you must always watch for danger. So why do people train here?

Well, you will get over 500 agility XP in one lap! So the Wilderness course is a very good way to earn experience if you're willing to train that deep in the wilderness.

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Wilderness Course
Obstacle Earned XP Failable
Ridge (Not a part of the course) 15 No
Obstacle Pipe 12.5 No
Ropeswing 20 Yes
Lava Stepping Stones 20 Yes
Log Balance 20 Yes
Rock Climb 0 Yes
Completion Bonus 499 -
Total Course XP 571.5 -

Werewolf Agility Course & Skullball Course

This agility area is located east of Canifis [map], and you need the Ring or Charos from the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest in order to enter the area. There are two courses here: The Skullball Course and the Main Course. In this section, you will find info on both of the courses.

The main course

The main course requires level 60 agility to enter, and this is the best agility course.

This course is somewhat different compared to other courses. The Agility Trainer throws a stick that you need to pick up behind the pipes, and bring back to him to get the experience reward. However, this course can be a bit dangerous.

Also, you should NOT bring weighty items while training, such as armour, sword, and other unnecessary items.

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Werewolf Course
Obstacle Earned XP Failable
Stepping Stones 10 (x5) No
Hurdles 20 (x3) No
Pipe 15 No
Skull Slope 25 Yes
Zip Line 300 Yes
Giving stick to trainer bonus 190 -
Total Course XP 540 -

The Skullball course

On the east side of the dungeon, you can play the Skullball Course. This requires only level 25 in Agility. This is like progressive soccer, where you will have to kick the ball through 10 goals. There are 3 different options you can use to kick the ball, which is a skull in this game:

  • Tap - Moves the Skullball 1 square
  • Kick - Moves the Skullball 4 squares
  • Shoot - Moves the Skullball 10 squares

If you manage to complete the course within 3:30 mins, you will get 750 XP. From that time you will lose 3-4 XP every 3 seconds.

Yanille Agility Dungeon

The Yanille Agility Dungeon is located just north of Yanille and requires various Agility levels for different obstacles. It is not commonly used for training.

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles:

Yanille Agility Dungeon
Obstacle Agility Level Earned XP
Ledge 42 22.5
Pipe 49 7.5
Monkey Bars 57 20
Pile of Rubble 67 5.5

Bandos Throne Room Agility Course

This course requires 60 Agility, 60 Ranged, 60 Strength, a crossbow, a mithril grapple, and completion of The Chosen Commander quest. The course itself is very short, allowing very quick runs and good experience per hour. Along with the good experience, you can make a decent bit of cash here. Granite maces are considered 'uncommon' drops. There is no level to have a 100% success rate on this course. From the Official RS Forums, there doesn't seem to be any difference in failure rates at different Agility levels.

The Course explained:

  1. Climb the goblin statue
  2. Jump across the statues to the ourg statue
  3. Jump West across even moer statues onto a ledge
  4. Use the grapple to swing from the spear to Bandos' Throne
  5. Jump down and repeat

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Bandos Throne Room
Obstacle Agility XP Ranged XP Strength XP
Statue Jump (9) 2 - -
Grapple 364 125 125
Total Course XP 380 125 125

Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course

On the southern end of Dorgesh-Kaan lies the Dorgesh-Kaain Agility course. Completion of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest will grant you access to this amazing place. After completing the quest and with an Agility level of at least 80, you need to obtain a lantern, crossbow, and mithril grapple ( be sure to bring extra grapples as they break).

Climb the southern staircase in Dorgesh-Kaan. Speak to Turgall to begin the Agility mini-game. He will request that you bring him back some generator parts. This is how you make the big experience on this course. Simply pick your route, gather a generator part, and return it to Turgall for the lap bonus.

You can select which item you would like to retrive for Turgall based on how you would like to maximize your experience. Choosing the Capacitor, Fuse, or Meter means you will find the object in the Console. These will maximize the Range experience on this course. By choosing the Cog, Lever, or Powerbox, you will maximize your Agility experience and find these objects in the Boiler. Both the Console and Boiler are near the Old Power Station in the southwest area of the course.

If you ever fall on this course while holding a part, it will be destroyed. You have to go back to the beginning stairs and start over at this point. If this happens, you can't get the lap bonus for that lap.

Here is the experience earned on the different obstacles and total course:

Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course Grapple Side
Obstacle Earned XP
Grapple Platforms (3) 18 Agility, 18 Ranged, 18 Strength
Completion Bonus (Item to Turgall) 571 Ranged
Total Course XP 54 Agility, 625 Ranged, 54 Strength
Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course Long Side
Obstacle Earned XP
Tight Rope Balance (2) 25 Agility
Cable Swing (2) 22 Agility
Swinging Ladder (2) 25 Agility
Gap Squeeze 7.5 Agility
Tunnel 7.5 Agility
Completion Bonus (Item to Turgall) 2057 Agility
Total Course XP 2216 Agility


In addition to the obstacles in the courses and arenas, there are some shortcuts spread all around RuneScape.

Miscellaneous Agility Shortcuts
Obstacle & info Agility Level Location
Crumbling Wall 5 West Falador
Cross River Lum (grapple) 8 South Lumbridge
Rope Swing 10 Brimhaven
Scale Falador Wall (grapple) 11 North Falador
Stepping Stones 12 Brimhaven Dungeon
Fence Jump 13 South Varrock
Monkey Bars 15 Edgeville Dungeon
Underwall Tunnel 16 North Yanille
Watchtower Wall Climb 18 Yanille Watchtower
Log Balance 20 Seers' Village <-> Coal Trucks
Underwall Tunnel 21 Varrock
Pipe Squeeze 22 Brimhaven Dungeon
Mountain Scale 25 Eagle's Peak
Underwall Tunnel 26 South Falador
Broken Railing 28 Draynor Manor
Oo'glog Shortcut 29 North Oo'glog
Stepping Stones 30 Brimhaven Dungeon
Stepping Stones 31 Draynor Village Manor
Scale Catherby Cliff (grapple) 32 West Catherby
Log Balance 33 Ardougne
Pipe Squeeze 34 Brimhaven Dungeon
Escape Water Obelisk Island (grapple) 36 South Catherby
Rock Climb 37 Tree Gnome Stronghold
Cliff Side Scramble 38 Al Kharid
Scale Yanille Wall (grapple) 39 Yanille
Rope Climb 40 Agility Pyramid
Cliff Side Scramble (easy) 41 Trollheim
Narrow Crevice 42 Dwarven Mines
Cliff Side Scramble (medium) 43 Trollheim
Cliff Side Scramble (advanced) 44 Trollheim
Log Balance 45 Tirannwn
Narrow Walkway (medium) 46 Zanaris
Cliff Side Scramble (hard) 47 Trollheim
Log Balance 48 Fremennik Province
Pipe Squeeze 51 Edgeville Dungeon <-> Varrock Sewers
Karamja Volcano (grapple) 53 Karamja Volcano
Weathered Wall 58 Port Phasmatys
Cliffside Scramble (easy) 58 Tirannwn
Narrow Crevice 60 Trollheim
Rocky Handholds 60 God Wars Plateau
Spiked Chain Climb 61 Morytania Slayer Tower
Narrow Crevice 62 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Climb 64 Trollheim WIlderness Route
Ornate Railing 65 Temple on the Salve
Narrow Walkway (advanced) 66 Zanaris
Cliff Side Scramble (medium) 68 Tirannwn
Pipe Squeeze 70 Taverley Dungeon
Climb Rope 70 God Wars Dungeon
Spiked Chain Climb 71 Morytania Slayer Tower
Spiked Blades Jump 80 Taverley Dungeon
Spiked Blades Jump 81 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Cliff Side Scramble (advanced) 85 Tirannwn
Kuradal's Dungeon Wall Climb 86 Kuradal's Dungeon
Kuradal's Dungeon Wall Run 90 Kuradal's Dungeon

Thieving Bonuses

When training Thieving with certain Agility levels, you can gain multiple sets of loot on one pickpocket.

Thieving Bonuses
Name Double Triple Quadruple
Man 1 11 21
Farmer 10 20 30
H.A.M member (female) 15 25 35
H.A.M member (male) 20 30 40
Warrior 25 35 45
Rogue 32 42 52
Cave Goblin 36 46 56
Master Farmer 38 48 58
Guard 40 50 60
Fremmenik Citizen 45 55 65
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit 45 55 65
Desert Bandit 45 55 65
Knight 55 65 75
Pollnivnian Bandit 55 65 75
Watchman 65 75 85
Menaphite Thug 65 75 85
Paladin 70 80 90
Gnome 75 85 -
Hero 90 - -
Elf 95 - -

Fishing Bonuses

When training Fishing with certain Agility levels, you can gain an extra fish when you catch one (two in one catch). This can greatly speed up your gathering of raw fish.

Fishing Bonuses
Fish Level
Raw Tuna 35
Raw Swordfish 50
Raw Shark 76

Hunter Bonuses

When training Hunter with certain Agility levels, you can catch butterflies and implings without a net. Butterflies are released immediately when caught barehand, while implings are automatically looted and released.

Hunter Bonuses
Name Level Agility Experience Hunter Experience
Ruby Harvest 75 50 300
Sapphire Glacilis 80 70 400
Snowy Knight 85 100 500
Black Warlock 90 125 600

Agility Cape of Accomplishment

The Ultimate Goal!

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