Cannon barrels

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Cannon barrels

Picture of Cannon barrels Members only:
Quest item:
15 kg
Category: Weapons » Misc. weapons
Examine: “The barrels of the multicannon.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
75,000 gp112,500 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 112.1k Market price: 117.1k Max. price: 123k
30 days: -4.2% 90 days: -1.2% 180 days: -12.6%
 Last price update: 82599 hours ago   
Item uses

When you use the Cannon Base, Cannon Stand, Cannon Barrel, and finally the Cannon Furnace in that order, you put together the Dwarf Cannon.

Where/how to get

To use this item, you'll need to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest. You can buy from the Grand Exchange, other players, and Nulodion.

Other information

When using a Dwarf Cannon, you only gain half the range experience when the Cannon hits.

Credits: Call Me Larry, Predator Last updated:
29-Oct-09 10:18
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