Draconic visage

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Draconic visage

Picture of Draconic visage Members only:
Quest item:
1 kg
Category: Raw materials » Other materials
Examine: “It looks like this could be attached to a shield somehow.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
300,000 gp450,000 gp
Current market price range
Min. price: 18m Market price: 19m Max. price: 19.9m
30 days: -15.3% 90 days: -37.6% 180 days: -45.8%
 Last price update: 112609 hours ago   
Item uses

With level 90 Smithing, a player can combine the draconic visage with an Anti-dragon shield to make an Antifire shield, which gives 2000 Smithing xp. Alternatively, a player can use the assist system to make the shield. Oziach in Edgeville can also make the shield for the sum of 1,250,000 gp.

Where/how to get

Very rare drop from Skeletal Wyverns and Iron, Steel, Mithril, Black and King Black Dragons.

5 monsters drop this item [expand]
Level 140Skeletal WyvernLevel 189Iron Dragon
Level 227Black DragonLevel 276King Black Dragon
Credits: Aliensvortex Last updated:
13-Apr-09 10:34
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