Goldsmithing Gauntlets

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Goldsmithing Gauntlets

Picture of Goldsmithing Gauntlets Members only:
Quest item:
0 kg
Category: Miscellaneous » Misc. quest items
Examine: “These gauntlets empower the bearer whilst making gold.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
0 gp1 gp
Current market price range
This item is not tradable
This item is equippable in the gloves slot.
+2 Stab +8
+2 Slash +9
+2 Crush +7
0 Magic 0
0 Ranged 0
-- Summoning +3
Strength +2
Ranged strength 0
Prayer 0
Item uses

When worn while smithing gold ore 56.2 xp is gained per bar instead of the normal 22.5. To recover the gauntlets if you lose them talk to Dimintheis and he will replace them free.

Where/how to get

After completing the Family Crest quest take the Family Gauntlets to Avan (Man) near Al-Kharid mine and he will enchant it for you, if you got another brother to enchant the gauntlets then if you bring them to Avan he will change them to Goldsmithing for a fee of 25k.

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