Slayer helmet

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Slayer helmet

Picture of Slayer helmet Members only:
Quest item:
3 kg
Category: Armour and clothing » Misc. armour
Examine: “You don't want to wear it inside-out.”
Low alchemy value High alchemy value
Current market price range
This item is not tradable
This item is equippable in the helmet slot.
Required levels to equip:
Needed Defence level: 10
0 Stab +30
0 Slash +32
0 Crush +27
0 Magic 0
0 Ranged +30
-- Summoning +7
Strength 0
Ranged strength 0
Prayer 0
Item uses

It is quite useful because it gives a larger defense bonus than any of the items separately. There is a 15% Attack and Strength bonus from the Black mask that only appears during a Slayer assignment. This will give you a boost in the max hit you can do against a monster. You can acquire the knowledge on how to make this item from any of the Slayer masters.

And as per usual, the items that go into the actual helmet continue to work against monsters that require say earmuffs or a face mask to kill.

These include:
Dust Devil
Aberrant Spectre
Wall Beast

Where/how to get

After you've finished Smoking Kills you can gain points for different Slayer assignments given to you. Once you reach 400 points total you can use them to learn how to make the Slayer Helmet.

Other information

It takes level 55 Crafting to make the helmet after gaining points to learn how to make it. Also it takes 10 Defense to wear it.

Credits: Slim50 and skewlrulz565 Last updated:
04-Mar-10 14:01
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