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Blue dragon scale
Blue dragon scaleMembers only660 gpInedible ingredients
Bowl of hot water
Bowl of hot waterMembers only113 gpInedible ingredients
Bowl of water
Bowl of water 28 gpInedible ingredients
Bread dough
Bread dough 80 gpInedible ingredients
Bucket of milk
Bucket of milk 86 gpInedible ingredients
Calquat fruit
Calquat fruitMembers only1,102 gpInedible ingredients
Cockatrice egg
Cockatrice eggMembers only356 gpInedible ingredients
CoconutMembers only950 gpInedible ingredients
Coconut (open)
Coconut (open)Members only969 gpInedible ingredients
Coconut milk
Coconut milkMembers only1,078 gpInedible ingredients
Cooking apple
Cooking apple 272 gpInedible ingredients
Crushed nest
Crushed nestMembers only6,354 gpInedible ingredients
Cup of hot water
Cup of hot waterMembers only77 gpInedible ingredients
Curry leaf
Curry leafMembers only78 gpInedible ingredients
Desert goat horn
Desert goat hornMembers only587 gpInedible ingredients
Dragon scale dust
Dragon scale dustMembers only762 gpInedible ingredients
DwellberriesMembers only101 gpInedible ingredients
Egg 104 gpInedible ingredients
Eye of newt
Eye of newt 17 gpInedible ingredients
Frog spawn
Frog spawnMembers onlyNot tradableInedible ingredients
Garlic 31 gpInedible ingredients
Gianne dough
Gianne doughMembers only4 gpInedible ingredients
Grain 10 gpInedible ingredients
Grapes 436 gpInedible ingredients
Incomplete stew (meat)
Incomplete stew (meat) 462 gpInedible ingredients
Incomplete stew (potato)
Incomplete stew (potato) 380 gpInedible ingredients
Krandorian hops
Krandorian hopsMembers only12 gpInedible ingredients
Leaping salmon
Leaping salmonMembers only10 gpInedible ingredients
Leaping sturgeon
Leaping sturgeonMembers only363 gpInedible ingredients
Leaping trout
Leaping troutMembers only31 gpInedible ingredients
Limpwurt root
Limpwurt root 934 gpInedible ingredients
Mort myre fungus
Mort myre fungusMembers only1,131 gpInedible ingredients
MushroomMembers only259 gpInedible ingredients
PineappleMembers only87 gpInedible ingredients
Pizza base
Pizza base 362 gpInedible ingredients
Pot of flour
Pot of flour 114 gpInedible ingredients
Potato 48 gpInedible ingredients
Potato cactus
Potato cactusMembers only1,395 gpInedible ingredients
Raw anchovies
Raw anchovies 55 gpInedible ingredients
Raw bass
Raw bassMembers only712 gpInedible ingredients
Raw bear meat
Raw bear meat 208 gpInedible ingredients
Raw beef
Raw beef 136 gpInedible ingredients
Raw cave eel
Raw cave eelMembers only441 gpInedible ingredients
Raw chicken
Raw chicken 160 gpInedible ingredients
Raw cod
Raw codMembers only44 gpInedible ingredients
Raw crayfish
Raw crayfish 44 gpInedible ingredients
Raw herring
Raw herring 43 gpInedible ingredients
Raw karambwan
Raw karambwanMembers only2,039 gpInedible ingredients
Raw karambwanji
Raw karambwanjiMembers onlyNot tradableInedible ingredients
Raw lava eel
Raw lava eelMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableInedible ingredients
Raw lobster
Raw lobster 151 gpInedible ingredients
Raw mackerel
Raw mackerelMembers only216 gpInedible ingredients
Raw manta ray
Raw manta rayMembers only2,592 gpInedible ingredients
Raw monkfish
Raw monkfishMembers only329 gpInedible ingredients
Raw pike
Raw pike 147 gpInedible ingredients
Raw rainbow fish
Raw rainbow fishMembers only367 gpInedible ingredients
Raw rat meat
Raw rat meat 55 gpInedible ingredients
Raw rocktail
Raw rocktailMembers only2,068 gpInedible ingredients
Raw salmon
Raw salmon 54 gpInedible ingredients
Raw sardine
Raw sardine 24 gpInedible ingredients
Raw sea turtle
Raw sea turtleMembers only1,826 gpInedible ingredients
Raw shark
Raw sharkMembers only844 gpInedible ingredients
Raw shrimps
Raw shrimps 6 gpInedible ingredients
Raw swordfish
Raw swordfish 284 gpInedible ingredients
Raw trout
Raw trout 18 gpInedible ingredients
Raw tuna
Raw tuna 56 gpInedible ingredients
Raw yak meat
Raw yak meatMembers only82 gpInedible ingredients
Red spiders' eggs
Red spiders' eggs 414 gpInedible ingredients
Redberries 68 gpInedible ingredients
Slimy eel
Slimy eelMembers only519 gpInedible ingredients
Snape grass
Snape grassMembers only391 gpInedible ingredients
SweetcornMembers only30 gpInedible ingredients
Tomato 102 gpInedible ingredients
Uncooked stew
Uncooked stew 485 gpInedible ingredients
Unicorn horn dust
Unicorn horn dustMembers only1,791 gpInedible ingredients
WatermelonMembers only66 gpInedible ingredients
White berries
White berriesMembers only1,156 gpInedible ingredients
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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