Wizards' Tower


The wizards' tower is located just south of Draynor, from Draynor bank just follow the red line to the tower. This is a great place for Runecrafting and Magic training.


The basement is located at the very bottom of the tower. To get here just climb down the ladders on the ground floor, to get back up just climb back up the ladders.

Talk to Sedridor in the room with an arrow on the mini-map and he will teleport you to the rune-essence where you can mine essence for runecrafting, a quicker way is to right-click on him and choose teleport.

Ground floor

The Ground Floor is rather boring; however there is a fairy ring just outside the building round the back. The code for this ring is DIS.

First floor

The only real attraction on the first floor is for members only where you can get Splitbark Armour, this armour is great for mages.

You will need to get the bark for the armour by cutting hollow trees (45 woodcutting) or from other players. You also need Fine cloth from burning shades in the Shades of Mort'ton mini-game. To get the armour you must speak to the wizard wearing wooden armour.

Second floor

This floor is great for mages and is also the start of the Imp Catcher quest. Talk to Wizard Mizgog to start this quest.

Mage training

Mages can train on the lesser demon which is locked behind the bars in the room. Rangers can also train here however I have not seen many who have chosen this as a training place. It is safe to train here as the lesser demon can’t attack you back.

Make sure you bring runes to cast telekinetic grab incase the lesser drops something rare.
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