Barbarian Village

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Barbarian Village - Introduction

Welcome to the village of the Barbarian's. Home to seven buildings, two fishing spots and one safe. A very fun place to have an adventure! Beware the dangerous barbarians though.

1. Tavern

This is the official tavern of the Barbarian Village. It is unlike other tavern's seeing that no serves you beer. You don't even pay for it! The beer, three in total along with one cooked meat spawn, is just sitting on the tables waiting for someone to drink them. Also, there's a little racoon that's running in circles as you can see. Lastly, there a barbarians roaming freely around. They make great range targets as you can hide behind tables without getting hurt.

2. Peska's Helmet Shop

One of the helmet shops in the world of Runescape. Although Peska buy's and sells all helmets up to adamant, it is rare to get your hands on a mithril or adamant full helm here.

3. Spinning Wheel

This little house is home to a spinning wheel. It comes in handy in the Sheep Shearer quest.

4. Mining Rocks

The Barbarian Village is home to mining rocks too. It has four coal rocks and five tin rocks.

5. Abandoned Warehouse

This house is an enigma. No one really know what happened to it except maybe the great gods of RuneScape.

6. Pottery house

This house has all you need for your pottery career except maybe the clay. It holds two potter's wheels and one pottery oven.

7. Hunding

Hunding is found at the very tip top of this building. He is the head barbarian here at the Barbarian Village. Along the way up the ladders you will see many locked treasure chests. This is the safe of the Barbarian Village where all the barbarians put there earnings.

8. North Fishing Spot

This fishing spot you can bait and lure. One thing about fishing spots though, is that there aren't always fish. You just have to be patient and pray for fish!

9. Dungeons

Welcome to the great Edgeville Dungeons. This is just one of the two entry points into the Dungeons. The first one can be found in Edgeville. However, you need a Brass key to be able to enter.

10. Canoe Station

This is for members only. Sigurd is here to help people make canoes out of this tree here. With the canoe you can sail on this great river. Depending on the type of tree your choose your number of locations will defer. With a log, you'll have one destination.

With a Dugout, two destinations. A Stable Dugout, 3 destinations. Finally, a Waka, all 4 destinations. The locations are at Lumbridge, Barbarian Village, Edgeville and into the Wilderness. You cannot canoe back from the Wilderness.

11. Stronghold of Player Safety

If you are wondering what that building is just a little north of Barbarian village go check out our Stronghold of Player Safety guide!

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