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Lletya City - Introduction

Lletya is an elven village located in east Tirannwn, and is only accessible shortly after Mournings End Part 1 has been started.

1. Eluned and Islwyn

To start Mournings End Part 1, you must speak to Eluned. She will teleport you to Lletya and give you a teleport crystal (with 4 charges) that teleports you straight to Lletya. Once the charges have been used up, Eluned will recharge the crystal for a fee. The first time you recharge it, it will cost 750gp. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th will cost slightly less each time, and from then onwards it will only cost 150gp. She also recharges crystal bows and shields, whereas Islwyn will only sell you the crystal equipment.

*There are also 3 Magic Trees located here. These are relatively popular for woodcutting as they're quite close to Lletya bank.
*This is also a good hunting spot. Pawya (66 hunter) are located here as well as Grenwall (77 hunter).

2. Dense Forest

For those who aren't teleporting to Lletya using the teleport crystal, the entrance obstacle requires 56 agility. There is a summoning obelisk behind the entrance.

3. Bank

This is the only bank in all of Tirannwn.

4. Flax

There is a patch of flax plants a few steps outside the bank. This is a great place to collect flax as it is so close to a bank.

5. General Store

The Lletya general store is the same as all general stores, so you can buy or sell your items here. To view the general store, trade with Eudav.

6. Lletya Seamstress

Oronwen sells a selection of dyes and crafting materials. There is also a sheep pen outside, and a spinning wheel in this store, which makes this a good place to make balls of wool.

7. Archery Shop

Dalldav supplies bows and arrows, as well as bolts and crossbows.

8. Fruit Tree patch

This farming patch is perfect for growing fruit trees! Talk to Teclyn to access your farming equipment.

9. Arianwyn

Once you have completed Mournings End Part 1, you can start the second part by talking to Arianwyn.

10. Altar (upstairs)

If you feel like killing some Elf Warriors, you are able to use prayer as there is an altar close by. Climb the ladder in the room next to Arianwyn and it will lead you to the altar. Elf Warriors drop Tiny Elf Crystals (uncharged teleport crystals) often.

11. Food Store (upstairs)

Gethin is located southwest to the Altar, talk to him to access the food store. There are also a couple of cooking ranges if you would like to cook your raw food.

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