Mourning's Ends Part I Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Long
Members only: Yes



Talk to Eluned (the girl where you started Roving Elves). Located in Islwyn but you can take the way through the underground pass or take the secret way.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • Bucket of water
  • Soft leather (tan a cow hide, read our crafting guide for more info)
  • Magic log (can be bought from fellow players if your woodcutting is not high enough)
  • 2-3 feathers
  • 1-2 toad crunchies (you can get toad crunchies from grand tree second floor)
  • 2 silks
  • Fur
  • 1000 gp
  • 10-20 coals

Recommended items:

  • Stat restore potions
  • Anti Poison Potions
  • Food
  • Armour + weapon
  • Game Necklace
  • Teleport runes


1. Starting the quest

Talk to Eluned. Agree that you want to help her. When you have agreed you will be teleported to a new place called Lletya. When she has teleported you she will give you a teleport crystal to Lletya. The crystal has now 4 teleports. Normally, it will have 3.

2. Washing and repairing the clothes.

All of the clothes are fine except the top and the trousers. The top got blood in it and you need to repair the trousers.

Now you need 1 fur and 2 silks to repair the trousers. You also need the Bucket of Water and Game Necklace (optional, but it is faster). Now use your crystal and teleport to Lletya. You will need some coal tar later, but you should get it now: Get a barrel and go down to the mud. Use the barrel on the coal and you will get coal-tar.

Teleport or run to Lletya and go to Oronwen. Buy some dyes if you don't have any. Buy like 1-2 of them because you can fail when you shoot at the sheep (later in the quest). Talk to Oronwen and ask her if she can mend clothes. Then use fur, silks and the trousers on her and she will tell you that you need to wait some minutes. After you have waited some minutes talk to her and the trousers are fixed. Now go to Taverley and down to the river. You will see a druid washing his clothes. Talk to him and talk until he tells you that his soap is special. When he is finished search the laundry basket and take the soap. Use the soap with the top and it will be cleaned.

3. Fix the toad cannon

Now you need magic log, toad crunchies, 1 soft leather, full mournings (wear them), feather and Ardougne teleport. Teleport to Ardougne and go to the west side of Ardougne. Wear ONLY full mournings, because if you wear an amulet the guards will attack you and won't let you pass.

Go to the big building north-east in West Ardougne. When you have talked to the guard he will let you pass. Then, go down to the basement and talk to the head mourner. Just talk to him a lot and he will give you a broken device and tarnished key. This is the time when you need the other stuff.

Go to the other room and use the key on the door. Then talk to the gnome and he will tell you his weakness. And he will ask you about he's weakness. Then say “he’s feet tickled and he loves toad crunchies”. Use the feather you have twice and he will tell you that he wants you to quit. Then, release him. He will automatically take the toad crunchies, the magic log and the soft leather. Now you must wait some seconds before he has fixed it.

4. Colour the sheep

Get your dyes, ogre bellows, Ardougne teleport runes, Watchtower teleport runes (if you can teleport to the Watchtower) and 250 gp. Teleport to the Watchtower. Go to the swamp that is in Feldip hills, there are lots of frogs there. Use the red dye on the ogre bellows and the red ogre bellows on one of the frogs. Look at your inventory; you got a red frog now. Do it with the other dyes you got in inventory and get the frogs. You can now teleport to ardougne when you have done it.

When you are there, go to north West Bank of Ardougne. You will see some sheeps there, try to examine them. If it says red then use your red toad on the cannon, go to combat menu and click on aim. Aim carefully, but you can see the sheep at mini map. When you have dyed all the sheeps, go to the head mourner. Talk with him and he will tell you something. Just agree.

5. Making the potion

You now need the Coal tar, rotten apple and Falador teleport. You can get some rotten apple, north-west from King Lathas' training ground. When you have the items, go to Elena, she is located in the little house north-east from bar. Talk to her and she will give you a bunch of instructions and a sieve.

Go back to the place where you got the rotten apple. Pick a barrel and use it on the rotten apple. Use the barrel with the rotten apples on the apple machine. Then you will get a barrel of apple mush. You can teleport to Falador and go into your bank. Put all your stuff in and get your coal tar + coal. You can run or walk to Rimmington. It is south-west from Falador.

Go to the big house and near it, there is a fractional still. Right click on it and operate it. Add the coal so the zone will be green. When the zone be lower add more coal. When it be red press on the right handle and will let the pressure go down. Do it until the green zone is full. You will get a Barrel of Naphtha. Use the naphtha with the apple mush and get combined apple mush. Use combined apple mush with sieve you got from Elena and when you have done that use it with range (don't use it on normal fire). You will get some toxic powder.

6. The toxic food

Wear the full mourning, and remember the toxic powder. Go to the church and use the powder with the grain. Go outside the general shop and use it with the grain too. Head to the head mourner and talk to him.

Quest completion scroll of Mourning's Ends Part I

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