Piscatoris Fishing Colony

Piscatoris is a place where many players gather to fish monkfish, tuna or swordfish. Shark however cannot be caught here. Players making molten glass for crafting may also come here and pick up seaweed used as an ingredient for glass, from the nets. This is also the startpoint for Swan Song (see (*) mark on the map below).

A quick way to get here is to use Fairy ring if you have access to it. Code A-K-Q. Then you will appear just south of the colony in the hunting area.

Kathy Corkat

Kathy Corkat is located down river, near the Gnome Stronghold. You can pay Kathy Corkat 50 gp (or free with Ring of Charos (a)) for a ride up to the Fishing Colony to get there faster. Note that the map only marks the end of the ride, the start point for the ride is east of Eagle's Peak. You only have to pay her once.

Entrance & Quest Start

To enter the Colony you have to squeeze through a hole leading under the ground. Speak to Herman Caranos to start Swan Song who also can be found near the entrance.

Seaweed Collecting

Nets on the North-Eastern side of the colony contains seaweed used as an ingredient for glass. This place is not usually not crowded but it is recommended since the seawed respawns faster than on Entrana where other players usually collect seaweed. This is currently the only place with these such nets.

Banking & General Store

Bank your monkfishes, tunas or swordfishes at Arnold Lydspor's bank. He also runs the local general store which sells verious stuff.

Small fishing net: 40 gp
Harpoon: 45 gp
Bread: 24 gp
Pot: 1 gp
Bucket of milk: 12 gp
Needle: 1 gp
Thread: 4 gp
Beer: 2 gp
Glassblowing pipe: 16 gp
Knife: 25 gp


there are several Fishing spots along the whole coast inside the Colony perfect for Fishing Monkfish, Tuna or Swordfish. There is a nearby bank, and one Monkfish gives as much as 120 Fishing experience! People Fishing here are often seen with Rock lobster or Ibis familiars, because in some cases they may also catch their own fish and giving you the exp!


It is an advantage training Summoning by the Summoning Obelisk just south of the colony due to the relativly close bank.


There are also a few Mining spots south of the colony, which really isn't to much of use since there are better places. There you can mine Clay, Tin and Iron.


In the house directly north of the entrance there is a small furnace which may be used for Smithing, but is rarelly used. It's real only use was in Swan Song to make sheet metal and patch up the rusty colony walls.


In the houses in the southwestern part of the colony there are some Skeleton Mages at level 83. These are rarelly killed due to its rather poor drops, and that they may deal a critical hit on you dealing 10 if your magic defense bonus is too low. They may also cast the curse spell on you lowering your Defense level by 7 points. It may not sound too serious but if your not paying attention to the game you may end up dying.

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