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The Mining Guild is for advanced miners only. To enter the guild you must have level 60 Mining. You may also enter at level 59 if you drink a Dwarven stout, which can be bought in the Falador Inn. You will get all the information needed on this Guild in this guide, so that you will be able to use the guild for all your Mining needs.

Getting There

The Mining Guild is located in Falador. To be precise eastern Falador. There are 2 different entrances to the Guild, however, one entrance is much quicker for banking. The first entrance is located behind the east Falador bank. This is the easiest entrance for banking.

The second entrance is located inside the Dwarven mines. Head down into the mines via the staircase (near the east side of the wall) and head south. You should see a door with a few Dwarfs around it. That's the entrance.

What's There

The Mining Guild is popular for one thing. COAL! Without Coal then there would be no way to make any armour from Steel and upwards. Luckily the Mining Guild has a whooping 37 Coal for your mining pleasure. There are also 5 Mithril rocks there for all you mid level Miners/Smithers. Below is a map of the Mining Guild with the Coal and Mithril rocks marked out. Coal is marked in black and Mithril marked in cyan.

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