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Falador - Introduction

Welcome to Falador. This city is the start to three quests, home to two banks, six ranges, 21 buildings and one palace.

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1. Hairdresser's Salon

There are two parts to this Salon. This is the first part where you can get your haircut and a color change! Unfortunatly, as most things are in life, this is not free. It comes at a cost of one thousand gold pieces (1k gp).

Also, for the males players, there is a shave option. This can change your beard and even re-color it if you so choose.

2. Flynn's Mace Market

This is a market for maces. The prices are reasonable, however Flynn doesn't sell or buy anything above adamant.

Picture Name Price
Bronze mace Bronze mace 18gp
Iron mace Iron mace 63gp
Steel mace Steel mace 189gp
Mithril mace Mithril mace 532gp
Adamant mace Adamant mace 1454gp

3. Falador General Store

This is just a basic general store just like all those found on other places in the world of RuneScape. It really has nothing special about it, just that it has the basic items in every general store like buckets, chisels and stuff like that. There is a Furnace nearby so people may sell their smelted items here.

4. Cassie's Shield Shop

This is just a basic Shield Shop that has all the basic shields. However, the downside is that there isn't any items above a mith square sheild. Cassie won't buy or sell any adamant or rune shields. So this is a good shop for new players or training. Upstairs is where Cassie lives. She has a respawning cooked chicken, and other normal living quarters things.

Picture Name Price
Wooden shield Wooden shield 20gp
Bronze sq shield Bronze sq shield 48gp
Bronze kiteshield Bronze kiteshield 68gp
Iron sq shield Iron sq shield 168gp
Iron kiteshield Iron kiteshield 152gp
Steel sq shield Steel sq shield 600gp
Steel kiteshield Steel kiteshield 850gp
Mithril sq shield Mithril sq shield 1560gp

5. Falador Park Dungeon

This is the molehill of Falador Park. If you have a spade and lantern (make sure you have a protected light source because if you don't the mold will blow if out when he digs), you can enter. Note that this is members only. There are Baby Moles surrounding the Giant Mole (level 230).

6. Sir Tiffy Cashien

Meet Sir Tiffy Cashien. An old White Knight and the start of the quest Wanted!.

7. Wyson the Gardener

This is Wyson. He is the head gardener at the Falador Park. Don't try getting him mad or he might use that big 'ol spade on your head! But one thing Wyson does is sell woad leaves. They can be used to make blue dyes to put on capes. If you offer 20gp when he asks how much you wanna pay for them, he gives you two leaves and you can save a whole 10gp!

8. Empty buildings

These buildings really has nothing, except basic house stuff and a few people. But it may be a very good meeting place for large groups as this house has lots of empty space.

9. Dwarven Mines

Home to Dwarven Mines for the basic miner and the Mining Guild for advanced miners.

10. Falador West Bank

This bank is located in the West end of Falador and is a basic bank with the option to change and access your pin. It also is a very good bank when crafting mind runes. The Mind Altar is not very far away and this bank is the closest to it.

11. Rising Sun Tavern

This tavern is run by Emily and Kaylee. They serve three types of beers. Asgarnian Ale which decreases your attack skill by four, however rasing your strength by two. Wizards Mind Bomb, which increases your magic skill by two however decreasing your attack, strength and defence skills by 3. Lastly, the Dwarven Stout increases your mining skill by one but decreases your attack by two, strength by four and defence by three. All three of these beers cost 3gp each.

12. Falador Furnace

Welcome to Falador's Furnace. This is the main reason that Falador is sometimes called The Mining city. There is a mining site, furnace, and two banks located very close together! An ideal spot to mine to your hearts content!

13. Useful house

This is just a small, little house with two crates where you might find a few gp or gloves, boots and the like. But the unique thing about this house is that is spawns a spade. This spade is needed for the end of the Pirate's Treasure quest.

14. Man's house

This is just a normal man's house that has a range, a bed and a few tables with no purpose. But did you know that your chances of burning food is decreased on a range? So you might want to invade this guy's house and do your cooking here!

15. Falador East Bank

Just another basic bank where you can access and change your pin and store items. One of the best banks used for mining and a very popular bank. If you need to buy any type of ore or bar, this is the place for you.

16-19. Houses

  • 16: This is just another house with nothing special downstairs or upstairs except a few crates...
  • 17: This is a house with a range, which we learned before, is better for cooking on then fires, and two treasure chests upstairs which may contain a few spare gp or gloves or boots.
  • 18: Just a boring house with nothing at all execpt a guy you can train on, a few bookcases and things like that that just might have a few gp or gloves, boots or the like.
  • 19: Yet another boring house with nothing but a range. However this could be used as a good place for meetings.

20. Herquin's Gems

Herquin's shop is most of the time out of stock, but it is a good place to sell your gems if you have no other option.

Picture Name Price
Uncut sapphire Uncut Sapphire 25gp
Uncut emerald Uncut Emerald 50gp
Uncut ruby Uncut Ruby 100gp
Uncut diamond Uncut Diamond 200gp
Sapphire Sapphire 257gp
Emerald Emerald 500gp
Ruby Ruby 1000gp
Diamond Diamond 200gp

21. Squire

Meet the personal Squire of Sir Vyvin. He is the start to The Knight's Sword quest and a great friend to talk to.

22. White Knight's Castle

Welcome to the White Knight's Castle. This is not only the start of The Knight's Sword and Recruitment Drive, but also a great place to train. There are many secluded spots through-out the castle and four different levels of knights. The most common knights, found in the main courtyard, are level 36.

23. Mining Guild

Another entry point into the mining guild. Unfortunatly, the Mining Guild is only for the most advanced miners and you have to have 60+ mining to get it. The actual building though is a good place to train as it has lots of Dwarves around and have decent drops for players just starting.

24. Old house

Just an old two story house with a man in the top floor. Very basic house with two sets of drawers and an old bookcase.

25. Wayne's Chains!

Wayne's Chains sell chains at a reasonable price. However they only go up to adamant. There is nothing really special about this shop except for the fact that Wayne runs it and it sells Chainmails!

Picture Name Price
Bronze chainbody Bronze chainbody 60gp
Iron chainbody Iron chainbody 210gp
Steel chainbody Steel chainbody 750gp
Black chainbody Black chainbody 1440gp
Mithril chainbody Mithril chainbody 1950gp
Adamant chainbody Adamant chainbody 4800gp

26. Spinning Wheel

Just a house with a spinning wheel that can be used to make thread out of sheep wool with a well just to the east of it.
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