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The Monastery is commonly known as the Prayer Guild, and it is located just in between Ice Mountain and Barbarian village/Edgeville. To enter, you must have 31 prayer and have permission from Abbot Langley. This guide will give you a complete tour of the Monastery and all information that you need to know.

Getting there

The Monastery is located west of Edgeville and north of the Body Altar. The nearest bank to the Monastery is in Edgeville.

Bottom Floor

The bottom floor looks like a beautiful garden. Full of roses and fountains, this place really does leave a good first impression. There are many monks wandering about as well that are more than willing to heal you if you have been injured in a wilderness battle. There are also ladders on either side leading upto the first floor.

First Floor

On the first floor there are a few things worth mentioning. It contains a monk robe spawn (top and bottom), several monks, a special altar where you can recharge your prayer points but unlike normal altars, this special altar raise your prayer points 2 point above your prayer level so it may last slightly longer. For example if you 35 prayer then you will receive 37 prayer points. There is also a respawn spot of monks robes which increases prayer by +5.

The image below shows the altar, a mini-map of the first level of the monastery and a player wearing monks robes.

The final thing to mention about the guild is that it is home to a scorpion used in the Scorpion Catcher quest.
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