Witch's Potion

Where to Start:

Talk to Witch Hetty in Rimmington.

Items Needed:

3 coins (GP)

Witch Hetty will ask you to get the following ingredients:

To find the Onion, go North-West of Rimmington and there is a field full of Onions. Pick one.

To find the Eye of newt, simply go to the Port Sarim mage shop and use your 3gp to buy one.

To find the Rat's tail, look around the village of Rimmington. In a couple of the houses there are rats, if you kill one it will drop a rat's tail. To make it drop the tail you must start the quest first otherwise it won't drop.

To get burnt meat, you will need to get some Raw meat first. It is recommended to use the cows near the Crafting Guild or go east of the village to find big rats. Kill one and get the meat (it doesn't matter what type of meat you get).

Go back to Rimmington and go to the house north of Hetty's house (it has a range inside). Use the Raw meat on the range. If your character cooks it successfully, simply use the meat on the range again to make it burnt.

Return to Hetty and give her all the ingredients. She will make a potion in her cauldron. Then she will tell you to drink it. Click on the cauldron to drink it. Congratulations! You have completed this mini-quest!

Note: This was initially a quest, but Jagex downgraded it to Mini-Quest status in Summer of 2010

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